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  1. Hello! I am a former Army NCO that has recently finished graduate school and decided that I wanted back in the military after a four year hiatus. This led to me researching opportunities in the Army, but ulimtarely I decided to expand my research. This additional research led to my desire to pursue a commission in the Air Force. After a conversation with the local recruiter, he told me that the best chance at obtaining a commission in the Air Force was through a rated career field. However, due to my age (currently 33 years old), the only option I have from the rated career fields is the RPA pilot. I am ok with becoming an RPA pilot, but wondered what the chances would be of getting the Global Hawk with a follow on to Beale AFB? I see a lot of the RPA pilots getting Reapers and Predators, but not a lot of conversation about the Global Hawk. I didn’t know if that meant that Global Hawks were not possible straight out of the training pipeline or if it was simply that most RPA pilots do not want the Global Hawk as their assigned aircraft. I know it’s hard to be certain on, “Yes, there will be a slot for you” because manning requirements change, but I was just curious since I don’t see slot of discussion about the Global Hawk on any public forum really. Thanks for everyone’s perspective on this career field and I look forward to hearing from the group’s experience!
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