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  1. Why would you post this? You either undermine the people who got accepted or crap on the guys who didn’t? Come on bro
  2. As any good instructor would say, “This is what the black and white says”.
  3. Got my rip today. 15 July Laughlin. Still need Wright pat and Doss
  4. I called like 15 min after being notified. Pretty much got told to chill out haha, also that it will take a few weeks with how many selects there are. I think wright-pat tdys will be pretty soon.
  5. I’m RPA, and I know we had 6/9 applicants get picked up for UPT. Looks like overall they replaced who they picked up.
  6. So I was just playing around on AFPC Secure. If you log in, at the top there is a “My Stuff” tab that brings me to myPers. Maybe that’s the place?
  7. If your CC is gone (and he/she isn’t going to be offended not telling you personally) I would call your Group. Personally I’m too impatient to wait a week ha Good luck everyone!
  8. Damn international dateline! Thanks for the update!
  9. So no one else has heard? Do you have more details Dreamin?
  10. “Keep calling and emailing to a minimum” has some gray area that another applicant and I decided to use. Here’s what we got: The list is with the GO(?) at AFPC. Target date is still 28 Feb.
  11. That’s a lot of slots to fill compared to the last few years. Could explain why it’s taking longer to finalize (even though waiting is slowly killing me inside).
  12. Same. Last year one of the Majors in charge of organizing the board got on here and updated the applicants on rough timelines :/
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