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  1. Kage was a classmate of mine and we went through pilot training together. He was one of the most genuine and happy dudes I've ever met, and he loved flying airplanes. Anyone who knows him would say he is someone they aspired to be like and he will be sorely missed. Here's a toast...
  2. One to the Little Rock ANG and one to a Reserve Unit in Minneapolis!
  3. KEND 18-15 T-38: T-38 FAIP T-6 FAIP A-10 Davis Monthan B-1 Dyess T-1: T-1 FAIP C-17x4 Travis, Charleston, McGuire, Pittsburgh AFRC C-130J Little Rock EC-130H Davis Monthan KC-135x3 Kadena, Beale ANG HC-130Jx2 NY ANG C-130Hx2 Ohio, Montana ANG
  4. KEND 18-13 T-38: F-16x2 Kelly, Luke F-15C Kingsley Field F-15E Seymour Johnson U-28 Hurlburt HC-130J Moody E-3 Tinker T-6 FAIP F-15SG Singapore T-1: C-17 Charleston KC-135x4 MacDill, McConnell, Kadena, Mildenhall KC-10x2 Travis, McGuire E-3 Tinker T-1 FAIPx2 (one to Laughlin) HC-130J JBER ANG C-130H Bradley ANG
  5. KEND 18-11 T-38: T-6 FAIP F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 Kelly F-22 Tyndall E-3 Tinker C-130J Dyess F-5 Kenya T-1: T-1 FAIP C-17 Hickam C-17 x2 Charleston C-17 McGuire C-17 McChord C-5 Travis KC-135 Kadena KC-135 x2 Fairchild C-130J Yakota LC-130 NY ANG C-130J Keesler AFRC MC-12 OKC ANG C-130H New Castle ANG
  6. KEND 18-08 T-38: F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 Luke C-146 Duke T-6 FAIP T-1: C-146 Duke C-12 Yakota MC-130J Cannon T-1 FAIP KC-135x2 McConnell, MacDill C-17x3 (McChord, Hickam, McGuire) KC-10 McGuire HC-130J Davis Monthan EC-130H Davis Monthan Active Duty drops that I can remember... --------------------------------- KEND 19-01 Track Select (class rolled from 18-15) 9xT-38 AD (+3 Saudi) 11xT-1 AD (+2 Reserve) 2xTH-1
  7. We all assumed it must have been some sort of joint-spouse swap....but I don't know why they are sending him there. He didn't seem surprised when it flashed on the screen.
  8. KEND 18-07 T-38: 3xF-16 Kelly 2xT-38 FAIP (one to XL) B-2 Whiteman T-1: C-5 Travis AC-130J Hurlburt 2xC-130J Little Rock & Yokota 2xC-17 McChord (&McGuire?) T-1 FAIP C-21 Andrews MC-12 ANG 2xC-130H ANG 2xKC-10 Travis a few xKC-135 Kadena, Fairchild, MacDill
  9. KEND 18-05 T-38s F-15C Kingsley Field F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16x2 Kelly B-52 Barksdale C-130J Dyess HC-130J Moody T-1s C-130Jx2 Yakota, Dyess MC-130H Hurlburt AC-130J Hurlburt KC-10 Travis C-5 Dover T-1 FAIP C-17 McGuire KC-135x2 MacDill, McConnell Active Duty Drops from memory....there was a Saudi F-15 and 4 or 5 guard guys from the T-1 side of the house.
  10. KEND T-1s: C-17x3 Travis (1 Guard) C-130Jx3 Ramstein/Yakota (1 Guard) KC-10 Travis KC-135x5 (Tinker/Beale/Eielson/don't remember the other 2) T-1 FAIP
  11. KEND 18-02 T-38s: F-15E Seymour Johnson F-35 Luke T-6 FAIP T-38 FAIP MC-130H Hurlburt CV-22 Hurlburt E-3 Tinker T-1s: 2xKC-135 McConnell KC-135 Beale (ANG) KC-135 Eielson (ANG) KC-10 Travis KC-10 McGuire 2xC-130J Little Rock C-130J Yakota MC-130J Kirtland T-6 FAIP E-8 Robbins C-130H Great Falls (ANG) RC-135 Offutt EC-130J Pittsburgh (ANG)
  12. KEND 18-01 AD T-1s: C-17 (x2) McChord KC-10 Travis AC-130J Hurlburt RC-135 Offut E-8 Robbins C-130J Yakota CV-22 Cannon U-28 Cannon I think I missed 1 or 2, but there was a decent number of Guard/Reserve guys: C-17, 2x C-130H, a tanker or two. No FAIPs at Vance.
  13. KEND 17-15 L-159 Iraq T-6 Iraq Eurofighter Saudi Arabia F-16 Luke B-52 Barksdale MC-130J Kadena KC-10 McGuire KC-10 (x2) Travis C-130H (x2) ANG (Minneapolis-St. Paul) U-28 Cannon T-1 FAIP C-130J Little Rock F-15C Kingsley Field B-1B Dyess T-38 Aggressor Tyndall F-15E Seymour-Johnson KC-135 MacDill KC-135 Fairchild T-6 FAIP CV-22 Hurlburt Field
  14. KEND 17-14 T-6 FAIP T-38 FAIP B-1 Dyess B-52 Barksdale A-10 Davis Monthan F-16 Luke F-15C (x2) Klamath Falls F-15E Seymour Johnson KC-10 Travis C-17 Elmendorf C-17 Charleston MC-130J Kadena C-146 Duke EC-130H Davis Monthan U-28 (x2) Cannon C-21 Scott C-130H (x2) ANG I think that's it...might have missed one or two.
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