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  1. Anyone knows if the 93d FS, Homestead, FL is having a board anytime soon? Thanks in advance!
  2. viper154, Do you know if the guard/reserve member has to own a house to get waiver approved? I ask because I rent a house and my wife will not be able to come with me to UPT because she is attending medical school.
  3. I just got selected and from what I understand, everyone who qualified got a slot.
  4. Again, thanks for the info deaddebate!!! fingers crossed. Do you know why they didnt release the results on July 1st or this week? Are they adding/removing candidates to their list?
  5. I was in the same situation a few years back. I joined the Air National instead of the reserve because of the education benefits (100% tuition + GI Bill SR) and after tech school and On-the-job training started AFROTC. -I wouldnt say it " set me apart from the other cadets" but having experience from basic and tech school helped me get some things quicker than my peers. - I was attending a croswtown college and to me it looked like the Det Commander did not care what school you were attending as long as you were getting good grades and volunteering for things. If somehow you can pull an AFROTC scholarship right after high school, take it and don't look back. You will be able to get your commission quicker and go to pilot training sooner.
  6. Thanks for the help deaddebate!!! MFS certification for unsponsored applicants too?
  7. Thanks DeadDebate! I will check back early next week.
  8. @deaddebate, do you know when the results for the June board will be out??
  9. My AFRC recruiter mentioned that they are talking AFROTC students, since they need to fill pilot training seats. I would talk to your local Officer Recruiter, maybe he has some type of AFI saying that the AFROTC-AFRC transfer is possible. Best of luck!
  10. For the 13-14 January board the results were released on Feb 4 (3 weeks). If that's the case for us, we should hear from them next Wednesday, July 1st.
  11. Still waiting!! Do you know when the results should be out?
  12. They changed their due date to 03 March. http://dmna.ny.gov/jobs/air/1392229607-14-06%20UPT%20announcement.pdf
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