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  1. Entrenched civilians we're the biggest pains in the ass to deal with in my career.  Too many of them still quoting AFR 35-10 and CBPO.  For you young punks, that's AFI 36-2903 and MPF respectively.  There should be term limits for these guys as they as their contacts/references/etc... have a shelf life.

    One of the worst I dealt with was a logistics dude (who will probably die in his job) at Spang when we redeployed through there in 2018ish.  Dude thought he carried the weight of the Base/CC (probably becuase the CC hated dealing with him and let him run amuck), and was one roadblock after another.    

  2. 22 minutes ago, HuggyU2 said:

    Shining your ass in public will often cause you to be shown the door. 

    The back door, in this case. 


    Hopefully a 63 or 64 year old willing to fall on his sword on his way out the door a little early.  ...legends live forever! :flag_waving:

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  3. 14 hours ago, brabus said:

    Awards/medals are embarrassing compared to the days of old. Even bronze stars and to some extent, DFCs, are handed out for simple baseline-doing-your-job. Everyone gets a trophy for just breathing and doing average shit. Ridiculous. 


    Lol, we had an AD patch on loan for a deployment and the dude got himself a Bronze Star for showing up...total joke.  I've read AAR's that warranted DFC's (or higher), but we're never received for whatever reason.  I remember when our base got an AD WG/CC, and the dude REALLY cared about medals.  Apparently, he wasn't happy with the fact that, as a Major, I had two MSM's, but no AFCM.  Guess what I got within a few months...  One of the reasons I had a second MSM's is becuase we had a staff weenie get sent down to be an OG (box checking...now a 1 star), who was passed over on his first O-6 board due in part becuase he lacked an MSM...or so his bro network told him.  Guess what the squadron got a few months later....  

    Our medals are a fucking joke, which is why I've never cared for them.  When we expect that you get X medal as a Lt and X medal as Capt, etc.... we're fucked.  Hell, I'm missing an Air Medal that I never bothered to track down because I didn't care to waste my time.  If you have a SS, AFC, MOH...I'll raise an eyebrow.  Even then, I know there are plenty of actions that probably warranted those medals, that were never recognized.   

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  4. 15 hours ago, tac airlifter said:

    Fun side note: since they destroyed our hangar with TBMs I used the event to clean up 5 years of property book shenanigans.  Seriously, it was very beneficial.  For anyone reading this: if your stuff ever gets destroyed by the enemy, seize the opportunity to do your unit a solid.



    *Promote ahead of peers*

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  5. 23 minutes ago, FourFans said:

    I always found that amusing.  More amusing were the FO's who were intent about seniority and authority they had as the acting CA.  Rare, but I did see it happen.  Outright silly.



    Now that funny and not something I'd ever thought about.  When I was doing augmented ops, noone cared or thought about who was in the left seat when the Captain was on break. Then again, we also don't bid for the "bunkie" position.  The Captain, or more likely a conversation between all us, decides who gets what landings then we figure out the breaks with the landing pilot getting their choice.  Who gets the landings was mostly dependent on keeping people current, or not current if they wanted to go to the sim for bounces.  I've heard in other shops, people can be quite militant about who gets the landings.  

  6. 1 hour ago, Danger41 said:

    That's really surprising to me that a Captain would still have minima outside of the plate. Is it just a time in type thing? Is that FAA or company?


    Ya all 3 airlines I've flown for has this as well.   If the captain doesn't have 100 pic in type, you can't shoot cat 2 or 3 and you have additives to cat 1 approaches.  There are some exceptions if you have time in the right seat in that type.  There are also restrictions on pairing two new pilots.  

  7. 10 minutes ago, Sua Sponte said:

    Here’s some good advice, keep your rating to yourself. There some veterans, usually former grunts from the Army and Marines, who assume one has to be a quadriplegic to have a high VA rating. This really goes for 100 P&T. 


    I can't disagree with keeping it to yourself unless specifically discussing it within trusted agents.  However, it's not our problem that their assumptions are wrong.  It's not about what someone thinks is fair, it's what the law/gov says is fair.  

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  8. 35 minutes ago, Danger41 said:

    The other thing that sounded interesting to me was Brickyard saying they couldn't operate below 4000 RVR (minima on the plate) but they say if you have a HUD or Flight Director you can get down to 2400. I find it hard to believe there isn't a FD on any airliner operating domestically now. Bad thought?


    Could have been him mins Captain.  A buddy had to be rerouted out of a leg yesterday because he's a brand new Captain in his plane and the wx was below his mins as a newb on the fleet.  

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  9. There is no explaining any of it other than PFM.  An admin master sergeant just retired from my base after a career of clerk work, where he only deployed once, to a desk at the deid.  Dude has 100% disability.  Meanwhile, an old fighter pilot who has deployed countless times and can't look behind him without turning his entire body around is sitting at 40%.  He who complains/documents the most, seems to end up with a high rating.  

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  10. I was a punk when they rolled out the coat hanger abortion that was the first release of JMPS.  We didn't have any civilian help so it was left to the punks to get it up and running, fix any bugs and make it work.  I spent lots of time on the phone with Penguin (can't remember his last name...Roberts maybe) out at Hill, who was a former fighter guy and the guru on JMPS.  If I remember correctly, he said JMPS told wasn't certified because the engineers showed that sometimes ut produced an error of 1 knot on the abort speed.  This is how dumb they are with this shit.  I'd love to put everyone in the sim and force them to make an abort decision with exactly 1 knot difference.  Or even better, have everyone try to gonk told manually and have everyone get the correct numbers and an abort speed within a knot lol.  

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  11. 4 hours ago, nunya said:

    Satellite wifi on the way. No shit.



    Like DSG's getting full flight pay, I'll believe it when I see it.



    1 hour ago, StoleIt said:

    Random question for the SWA folks: do you guys have a HUD or autoland?



    ILS 4 has to be hand flown from FAF inbound.  

  12. I remember my first trip to ORD at my regional.  We got on the A taxiway and the alley was blocked, so the Captain just kept making right turns between A and B without a clearance.  He's said just don't stop and and they couldn't care less what we do, if you stop, they yell at you lol.  I've unfortunately flown there enough to know what taxi route they'll give me, but I avoid the place big time.  One of my bids is actually avoid long layovers at ORD, because of the long ass drive into downtown during rush hour. 


    This is of the many reasons I like flying the 717 into all the burgs & villes throughout the eastern U.S.  You almost never have wait on anything, no conga line, rarely any "flow," one taxiway to one of the 5 gates, security is a breeze, and the people are nice. The hardest part about these airports is sometimes you have to turn the lights on yourself and occasionally you have use your phone to get a clearance.  

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  13. The key to getting lost on the airport is to never admit it.  Just keep moving and hope you figure it out soon.  


    A few days ago in CAE, we had a Bonanza request progressive after receiving one of the easiest taxi instructions I've ever heard.  Tower, keyed the mic 3 or 4 times (likely thinking WTF) and finally said just follow the 717.  We taxied an little further ahead and made a right on to the runway.  I'm guessing their iPad died 🤣.   

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  14. 1 hour ago, Pancake said:

    It’s called indispensability, and word on the strips is it’s only being approved for O6s rising to O7.



    Even then, it's not always approved in the ANG.  Our Army TAG denied it for our old WG/CC, who would have been a great asset with a star at state.  Reason for denial?  Because he's Army and they make a lot of fucked up decisions lol.  In the end probably the best thing for my boss, having one job is one of the best things going. 


    To the OP.  It's tough enough being a part timer when you're an airline pilot, which is the easiest road for DSGs.  Our guys who did other jobs, struggled even more.  Funny enough, the guy who got the most grief from his employer, worked for the USAF as a civilian. 


    The only way I'd consider doing this path is if you live local to both jobs as any commuting makes you're life infinitely more miserable.  Even then I'd think long and hard why you're hanging around.  It's a lot of sacrifice for you and your family.  If you're going to an air airline you'll give up the ability to control your schedule, but you probably wouldn't really need that much anyway.  It's certainly not something I'd hang around after having 20 years TAFMS.  Many states wouldn't even hire you because of that alone.  Heck, we sometimes couldn't even keep our own people once that have their 20 unless they're on a command track.  


    Just my humble opinion.  But either stay AD if you still have itch to serve or just retire.  Enjoy the check/tricare and the insane amount of free time you'll have with only having one job.  As someone who is recently retired after staying a few years after my 20 (as a DSG, not AGR), I understand not wanting to fully separate.  However,  it was a massive stress relief when I retired.  Trust me, you'll find things to fill you're time. 


    Best of luck in your decision.  

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  15. Agree with Brabus, always a tough spot to be in.  Circa 2013, my squadron had 10 or 11 refugees (nearly 1/3rd of the squadron) from 5 different squadrons being shut down.  Off the top of my head, I think they shut down about 13ish fighter squadrons back then (or converted them).  Lots of guys looking for new homes and a few of my buddies ended up just converting to non-fighter airframes due to a lack of will of moving or there just being no jobs/TX to be had.  These young bucks need to cast a wide net if they want to have a good shot of finding a home in a fighter squadron.  


    Off the top of my head, Atlantic City, New Orleans and Homestead appear to always be hiring.   As Brabus said, TX spots might be the LIMFAC.  If I were a young guy and I didn't have time for the Legacies, I'd grab a regional gig.  Pay is damn nice right now, you'll stay flying and have non-rev bennies to jump around to all the bases easily.  Hopefully, you'll get picked up at a Legacy and then can drop MLOA to convert to your next airframe.  Or, just be thankful for the time you had in the jet, get to a legacy and enjoy making damn good money with lots of time off.  It will never compare to a good, tight-knit fighter squadron, but you'll certainly not sacrifice as much.   ...my 25 year old self would tell me to fuck off with that statement lol!  

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  16. 8 hours ago, Danger41 said:

    You’ll need a $100k bonus to pay for the psychological damage of going to Envoy from the AF. 


    Lol this got me wondering so I checked out their pay.  Unfortunately, the $100k bonus is for pilots with >950 hours 121 time.  But for the current pay rates are pretty awesome.  Orders dried up for a short time in 2012, so I went to Compass Airlines (no defunct) and started at $28/hr.  Envoy newhires now start at $93/hr!  My newhire pay at AAL was $52/hr and $91/hr at DAL.  FYSA, I adjusted all these number for current day inflation.  These kids are finishing college and walking straight into $100k/yr jobs...nuts.  


    I wouldn't shy away from going to a places like envoy if you finished your career with no currency, or the legacies are not calling quite yet.  With the slowdown in hiring, it's bound to happen to some.  It's good money and you likely won't be there long.  Apply everywhere, but if the legacies haven't called, I wouldn't hesitate to take a regional gig.  I had a good time flying at my regional.  I'd just recommend going to one where you don't have to commute. 


    As someone who has recently retired, I can say you won't miss all the bullshit captainmorgan mention.  I live under the pattern for my squadron and can watch SFO's from my back patio.  I love to watch them, but I sure don't miss it, because I know all the stress/BS/sacrifice that goes along with that flying.   They were night flying last night and when I heard the first burner light for takeoff, I raised my whiskey from my campfire in my backyard, while I was "working" (long call) at DAL...go get'em boys!



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  17. Damn, the incompetence of Boeing strikes again.  Here's hoping its just temporary while Boeing unfucks themselves.  The max delay is having a small impact on the hiring at DAL as well, although so is the 220/321NEO engine issues.  This all probably just means that those of us on the 717 and maybe the 75/76 guys will get to stay in their fleets just a little bit longer.  Already hearing the 76 retirement is being pushed back a few more years while all these aircraft issues get worked.  

  18. 11 hours ago, TheNewGazmo said:

    They pretty much fixed the flight pay issue a few years ago, although there were a few stragglers before I left the ANG that hadn't been 100% paid yet.  I'm an IMA now and getting still getting flight pay.


    Just verified with a buddy, they're still not getting paid correctly for flight pay without a follow up payment.  Every paycard submitted gets one check with the old flight pay rate, then a second check follow to bring it up to the current rate. So maddening that this can't be figured out.  Only impact DSGs...of course!

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