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  1. 12 hours ago, uhhello said:

    Yup.  Big difference between doing it out on the range or MOA versus doing it within 1/4 mile of a couple thousand people watching on the flightline.  


    Not to mention that there were several times during that "demo" that he appeared raggedy edge of departing the jet (I've never flown an Eagle, just fought them).  It looked badass and I loved it...we'd all love to do that, but if you're not a demo pilot, I can't imagine you'd think this would end well for all involved.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, dream big said:

    This is why I’ve kept my own logbook, never trusted a 1C further than I could throw them! Plus the notes section of my logbook makes for nice memories and reflection .



    Another vote for keeping your own logbook.  I bought the blue logbook with silver wings from Sporty's and kept track of my flights since day 1 of UPT.  Found a few errors over the years, quite a few during UPT/B-Course, when bouncing it off my line-by-line during the yearly review.  Just leave it in the AFE locker and fill it out after every sortie with notes.  I brought that, along with my green folder when I went to my interviews.  

  3. 7 hours ago, General Chang said:

    Now we start with racist comments.  Lovely.  Diversity is the way of the future, you pansy.  You people need to get on-board with the new Air Force, or get flippin’ lost now.


    Mediocre level trolling, you're better than this Chang.  Anywho, I was happy to get lost this year, though it had nothing to do with diversity initiatives.  My great-great-great grandma was full blooded Shawnee Indian, so I appreciate these initiatives that help my people. :flag_waving:

    On another note, and maybe this is good enough topic for to warrant a separate thread.  The Officer corps is getting d-u-m...dum!

  4. 1 hour ago, Sim said:



    No wx radar? 



    For fucks sake, "I lost it in the wx," does not mean he ejected for bad weather...this is the worst reporting I've ever seen.  I can't speak for the 35, but the only wx we have onboard is foreflight if your bring a ADS-B puck.

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  5. 16 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    Which pieces of your hometown / state / etc. would you be willing to negotiate away after you've been invaded by your belligerent neighbor? Please be specific.


    Specific you say?  I could probably negotiate away the following; 


    My hometown:  Wayne street east of Main st., and all of Patterson street.

    Current town:  pretty much everything downtown, east of the river.

    My state:  Ironton...all of it!

    United States...San Francisco.  

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  6. 11 minutes ago, di1630 said:

    Reminds me of when my PAS in ROTC who was a F-4 pilot got upset that I wrote a paper on computers replacing the need for WSO’s.



    I think I saw that guy posting on the FB OFP group yesterday.  Just below the post about how we'll lose every future war because we don't do formation takeoffs anymore.  

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  7. 11 hours ago, WheelsOff said:

    Many crusty old Capts there would agree with this statement, but I along with many in the younger crowd say F these guys. They’re a bunch of greedy MFers that don’t seem to remember how good they have it making $400-500K per year to literally work part time, and will have an industry leading retirement afterwards to boot. 

    If an extra $350K in their pocket won’t make them happy, I don’t know what could. 




    If, as you say, they're making $400-$500k/yr for a "part time job," then $350k is a low ball offer, especially after the tax man takes his cut.  I can certainly see the guys who were planning on bailing anyway, jumping on it as they run out the door.  Who knows, you may even get guys on the younger side who take it and go get hired elsewhere lol.  


    Do UPS guys keep decent medical in retirement?  If so, I could see that sweetening the pot a bit.  As an example, during covid, they gave the early out pilots 58 hours/month for 3 years and medical (as if they were employed) for 2 years.  That's closer to $700-$750k in pay spread out over 3 years plus whatever the medical is worth.  

  8. 50 minutes ago, Biff_T said:

    Or an easy one like, whats the black and white VNE for the viper, or huey or Pave Low?   

    Whats VNE stand for?  Is a common response lol. 


    In fairness, I bet I'd get the same response if I asked my squadron full of Viper drivers what VNE is.  The general aviation flyers would probably get it lol.   But ya, that bloke looks like a Sheila!  

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  9. 36 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

    ...as a result our public libraries are closed while the county works through the legal challenges. 


    WTAF?!?  Shut down a public library because a few bible thumping Karens?  No Karen, I should not have access to the library restricted because you're worried your kids might pick up a book that encourages free thought on things that may be contrary to your fragile religious views.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Yeti_72 said:

    Not an airline guy just yet but trying to understand this pay calc from airline pilot central. Specifically bid periods and percentage portion, assuming credit time is just time flown for the month.




    That's an OK calculator, but  pay rate x 1,000 gets you in the ball park in total compensation (pay/401k).  +/- a bit for profit sharing if the airline has it.  

  11. 23 hours ago, McJay Pilot said:

    Brother, if you’ve got the info I’m more than happy to keep it updated!



    You could probably just depict anything in the NYC/BWI/DC area as junior and it that would be the 90% solution.  Maybe slather in a bit of SFO/OAK, ANC and MIA for good measure.



    7 hours ago, BFM this said:

    Typical newhire question: if assigned LGA, how long to hold a line?

    Answer: around lunchtime, day 4 of Indoc.


    Lol right!  Then they get to their base of choice and realize that, unlike the regionals, reserve doesn't suck anymore.  

  12. 20 minutes ago, brabus said:

    I mean if you’re going to consistently ignore their findings and recs, then why even hire them in the first place?



    Post retirement job opportunities?  A buddy in the business world says the same thing about hiring companies like McKinsey (he worked there before his current gig).  Basically McKinsey hires from the big business schools.  Guys work for McKinsey until a company snatches them up.  Then these guys hire McKinsey to consult on something that could likely be solved by those who already work for that company.  One big self licking ice cream cone. 

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  13. On 8/15/2023 at 11:48 PM, Danger41 said:

    The updated uniform reg stated that only coyote brown undershirts will be worn and got rid of the colored morale shirt. I legitimately think most people either didn’t read it or don’t care because I’ve seen zero change. Which is good.



    Oh ok, so it's not some recent memo.  That came out when I was still in the SQ/CC seat, I remember reading that e-mail with the updates, then deleting it.  Nothing good would have come from nixing squadron colored morale shirts, so we never stopped wearing them.  Helps when you have an OG/CC and a WG/CC with a spine.  

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  14. 23 hours ago, mcbush said:

    Do you get points for doing distance PME while on short-term MPA as a part-timer? Or does the MPA prevent you from earning additional points for those days?


    Looking back at my points, I received points for doing SOS while on an overseas deployment, so I'd think you would get them.  The only thing I can think of is if you're doing a full year of orders, you may not get them because you only get 365 retirement points in a year.  


    break break


    Update to an earlier post in this thread.  It has been done, a great friend/squadron mate has successfully ROPMA'd to LTC without doing SOS or ACSC.  It couldn't have happened to a better guy.  Fucking legend!  

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  15. So wait, you guy aren't fucking with us here?  There are really squadrons out there that aren't allowing morale shirts?  ...and as a result, people are resorting to wearing scarves?  WTF, I leave for one damn month and everyone loses their fuckin' minds?!  But seriously, please tell me that there is more than just one squadron that doesn't have weak dick leadership and is still rocking morale shirts.

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  16. 2 hours ago, HuggyU2 said:

    I've worn mine 3 times in the past 12 months.  UPT Graduation, formal military banquet, wedding (saber line). 



    Awesome, sounds like your ROI was much better than mine.  I can't be too upset though, the AF paid for mine via a one time Officer uniform allowance of $400.  Actually, I just gave away my mess dress last week.  A pilot who transferred into the ANG from the Marines though he may need a set, so it may get a few more uses yet.  

  17. 7 hours ago, pawnman said:

    I swear, I think if China invaded California half of these guys would say we shouldn't respond because governor Newsome is corrupt...



    Lol right, as if our own damn gov isn't corrupt, à la any one of the numerous contracts awarded in the GWOT.   Also, what CH said. 

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  18. Oh man, you guys are bringing up some memories.  PACOM TSP20ican'tremember.  AF couldn't decide where to put us for our TSP and a last minute change meant we were headed to Guam.  No availability on-base for an entire Expeditionary Fighter Squadron so we ended up at the Hyatt Regency, directly across the road Porky's/The Viking.  $3.50/day bs is for chumps!  Every single Friday was 8-ship quick climbs (became a base event with nice crowds by the end) to either fly BFM, ACM or DCA.  Beer light on at 1100 for a quick academic session and off to the base golf course at noon.  Drunken golf till sun down...lots of damaged golf carts, sand traps and trees, I'm really not sure how we never got kicked off that golf course.  Push downtown for standard buffonery to shut down the after hours bars. Tiptoeing out of hotel rooms I shouldn't have been in, pass out with the balcony door open listening to the waves crash into shore.  Wake up to scuba/snorkel/hike, beach bar, rinse and repeat the previous night...for 4 fucking months!  Checked out as best friends with the hotel manager/staff, 200k points, Hyatt Platinum status and a severely damaged liver.  It was certainly one for the ages!


    Standard AF act, our AOS tankers kept getting taken for "HHQ tasking," so we kept getting delayed.  As much fun as we were having, it was time to go.  So Guard standard, we reached out to the bro network and made it happen internally.  The tanker unit from our state was in town and had a two tankers headed home at the same time.  Since a lot of us are college buddies, a plan was hashed out, likely while having drinks at the beach bar on Gunn beach.  They worked their network for us and found a Fairchild Guard tanker to get the last 4-ship home a few days later.  First 8 jets made it home without a hitch.  My 4-ship left a few days later and ended up stuck in Hawaii for days waiting for that tanker to get fixed.  They took as as far as they could (around Durango) before they had to head home, which meant a night in Denver for the night (more Hyatt points)...but thanks to that crew, great dudes!  Apparently we ruffled quite a few feathers up at ACC or AOS for making it happen, but fuck'em, tankers were headed East anyway and we likely save the AF tons of cash/headache.  Some people just get pissed when you do their job better than them.  I know, I know, "we don't see the big picture..."   Good times.

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  19. 10 hours ago, Biff_T said:

    I also learned to never put ketchup on a steak in front a Texan lol.  



    WTF...never put ketchup on a steak in front of anyone! 




    All you need on a steak is salt and pepper, nothing else!

                                                    - George Washington (probably)



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