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  1. So I showed up at my downrange location to start my 365 deployment and the second thing I was told (after "no booze, sex, or porn") was that I was in charge of the Squadron Change of Command. Well, turns out it's not just a change of command. We're deactivating the current squadron and activating a new squadron under a new commander in its place. I tried reaching out to the Wing (located on another base) for guidance and both the Exec shop and the Protocol shop kind of shrugged their shoulders and said they could help if it was just a change of command but they don't know how to deal with a deactivation/activation. From the answers I've been getting, you'd think the Air Force had never done one of these before. I'm hoping someone here can provide some kind of guidance. Specifically, I'm looking for how to do it in accordance with regs/AF customs. If you happen to have a script, that would be icing on the cake. Anyone know of any AFIs that cover this or anyone you can point me to that can shed some light? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey all, Heading to Shindand AB soon for an extended stay. Has anyone been there recently? I'm looking for info on living conditions, facilities available, etc. PM me and we can exchange .mil email addresses to make sure we're not crossing any OPSEC lines on an open forum. Thanks for your help. -Todd
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