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  1. Palace Chase approved this week! Here are my stats: 2005 year group 11M core (C-130E/H) UPT ADSC ends Nov 2017, so I asked for just over 3 years off my ADSC The crazy thing is that it only took a week! I applied Wed 23 Apr and was approved Wed 30 Apr. I applied with a position number (offered by an AFRC unit in early Apr) and made sure my package was nice and complete (sts). My wife and I are ecstatic! I cannot believe the Air Force let me pursue my dream 3 years early!
  2. Hmm, I'm trying to make sense of all of the Palace Chase posts lately... so, MountainHerc was a Nav with 50% ADSC left and was denied. I'm in a similar, but different boat... My story: I commissioned in 2005, flew Legacy C-130s (aircraft commander), and I'm currently instructing at USAFA now. I have a 10 year UPT ADSC that expires Nov 2017 (so I'm right on the 2/3rds bubble)... no other ADSC. I'm betting on the Legacy going away, the fact that the AF wants to kick out 84 of us 2005 11Ms in a few months, and not being qualified in the Legacy anymore as reasons to make a nice, smooth tr
  3. murdocjxx, the applications were due Fri 4 Oct 13. Does anyone know the status of this year's B-2 hiring board? When will they announce who they want to interview?
  4. I wanted to post this in a new thread but it applies to this one (I used the search function!). Here's the update to what has been discussed: More unmanned aircraft pilots being promoted The article is interesting in its own right, but what I keyed in on was the following statement about in-residence PME: “This is important because in-residence attendance provides officers valuable training [umm, that’s nebulous and debatable] and the opportunity to compete for the honor of distinguished graduate or top third [THIS is why it's important],” the report says. “Both of these accomplishments a
  5. Yeah, I figured someone was. Who determines that? Who is "mission essential" or whatever the term is? Like Randolph, USAFA's flying programs fall under AETC but we're not flying yet.
  6. Is anyone flying this fiscal year? I'm in a bubble here at USAFA and all I know is that we're not flying (gliders, jump, powered) because of the shutdown. Today (most) of our civilians came back to work but no one knows when we will fly again.
  7. --Revival-- Has anyone used the PRD (personnel requirements display) to build their ADP? I'm talking about the "Search Requirements" tab on the AMS website. I've been waiting for it to get published... it's out but it's WORTHLESS. It doesn't list anything other than random odd jobs around the Air Force. I was hoping it would list every flying job that's open. Most people I've talked to haven't heard of the PRD but from AFPC's own literature: "The PRD is a key component of AFAS that provides visibility to all users. The PRD visibility window showcases the requisitions AFPC is planning to
  8. Coxor


    I'm an O-3, no masters, SOS in correspondence complete... I'm right around the 6 year point. Are they looking for those who've completed SOS in residence or does correspondence count?
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