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  1. So after 15 satisfactory years of service, 12 on active duty as a Marine Hornet pilot with 3 deployments, one to combat and having received an honorable discharge after those 12 years, I am being told as a Reservist, to get the vaccine or receive a dishonorable or other-than-honorable discharge.
    This despite me having to leave my flying billet as an IP 3.5 years ago after being diagnosed with epilepsy despite the fact that the covid vaccines are shown to cause an increase in seizure activity and intensity in a relatively high percentage of those who receive it. 
    Oh, and I also received an email today that said my civilian employer will require it by early December as well or I will be unable to provide for my family. 
    Pretty awesome. 

    Sounds like a legit case for an exemption.
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  2. The MDG/CC is not the authority to approve or deny Ambien in AMC…it is the Sq/CC. I had an O-6 Flt Doc call me for Ambien approval when our exercise crew requested them.

    Short version: I said yes. But I also talked to the AC about all the ways to mitigate before going straight to the pilot’s little helper and made sure I understood why they felt the no go pills were needed.

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  3. Covid hit, and their job on the outside no longer existed..bit a few folks in the ass who did what you are suggesting.  
    Just my opinion, I wouldn’t turn down promotion.  There are other avenues to still get out.  What does your commitment look like? 

    One case I’m thinking of happened a few years ago (around the time of the first VSP). A Capt wrote the board two years in a row to get out early. After his 2nd non-selection, his spouse was diagnosed with a serious (expensive) disease. He petitioned the continuation board to stay in as a Capt to 20 for the medical coverage. Had he not written the board, he likely would have promoted.

    Everyone has their reasons…but sometimes things change and you can’t prepare for how they change. I’m not saying don’t write…just be prepared for everything you can think of in the transition.
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  4. We rail against the AF for not giving us $100k a year bonuses but as you know they are restricted by what Congress authorizes. I remember a certain senator from Arizona had a big say in that. 🤷‍♂️
    What I do think is totally f’d up, beyond belief, is that the AF doesn’t max out the bonus for every pilot to the $35k allowed. It’d be pennies on the dollar in their annual budget. 

    That is still a Congress problem. The AF is required to present a business case for all pilot bonus offerings to prove that it is needed at a specific amount for each community.

    It doesn’t help that the other Services say their pilot retention is “fine” and actively discourage increasing the bonus further.
  5. I found out on Friday through unofficial channels that I was not selected. It is what it is, unfortunately.

    You’re more than 2x passed over, right? Many times people don’t care to notify you because they figure you already know you didn’t make it.
  6. Spend your 5 hour locals refueling fighters instead of heavies. Scoff the C-5 and non-airdrop C-17 receivers.

    We beg fighter units for refueling. Especially night refueling. We couldn’t care less about heavy receiver work when we can just go swap spit.
  7. You sell yourself short, sitting in an MPC and getting the gist of what’s going on isn’t hard. And you’ll gain an immense understanding of why proactive tankers are critical.
    Better than dry plugs on heavies.

    These are not my opinions. These are the tanker excuses/reasons.
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  8. Why wouldn’t tankers and other heavies just practice these things at regular LFEs instead of spending money and time on a mobility LFE? There’s always a dearth of tankers at flag-level exercises, causing days of planning end up down the drain when one or two of them cancel. The standard should be to always a have reliability tanker ready to flex to blue or red.
    Related - what if tanker pilots were in the MPC instead of heaping all of it on 1x inexperienced “planner” who’s bound to mess it up?

    From a KC-10 perspective:

    Because simply being admin gas sucks and is mostly a waste of our time.

    Because TACC doesn’t have the tail availability to do a flag and other TRANSCOM-validated things.

    Because CENTCOM has too many of our jets.

    Because we don’t have a weapons school to speak the same language and properly integrate into a planning team.

    Because we don’t have anything to be on the net (yet).

    Are they all excuses? Yes. But every time I’ve been involved in a flag, my job has been to sit fat, dumb, and happy in an anchor that is either off the range or outside the engagement area. It’s a self-licking ice cream cone…we don’t get valuable training (except boom fighter contacts) so we don’t value it so we stay admin gas because we don’t have the ability/care to integrate.
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  9. 16 minutes ago, M2 said:

    It's extended, not "down;" and it's extended because the crew got overly excited! 🤣  🤣   🤣 

    Definitely down and retracted.

    The boom is usually down for an air show pass in the big tanker. Not sure about the little guy there.

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