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  1. They make you redo IFS even though you're already complete??? Are you rated right now or coming to RPAs from the non-rated side? Also, any of you last few have any pointers for me doing an ETP letter or an Age waiver. I'm a current CSO with a PPL and I plan on applying at my next opportunity. I'm 30 (turning 31 in June) and I hit 5 years of commissioned service this September. Any clue on having to do RPA IFS since I'm already rated??? I asked the special flying programs and they didn't know.
  2. Are there any CSOs that have recently switched over to RPA, have put in a package for it, or are considering it? I know they've changed the process to make you apply to a UFT board now. I'm considering it myself, but want to get some more info on the process. I heard it's a 6 year commitment after the instrument class at Randolph. Does anyone else out there know any more on this? Thanks.
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