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Questions About Mild Thoracic Scoliosis C-Curve.

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I have questions about a mild thoracic scoliosis c-curve that I have. It formed when I was a preteen but it's never affected me in any way. I've been cleared by a doctor to play hockey, baseball, race BMX and skateboard. I have no pain. I've seen a Chiropractor who has given civilian clearance to many who enlist but she's never worked with a pilot candidate before. I've also been seen by an Army doctor and was told my curve is fine to enlist. It's under 30 degrees but in the low 20s. My Chiropractor recommends I see her and a physical therapist and we can work to reduce it (will be doing so either way). Can this effect me getting a pilot slot and not passing the flying physical? 

I've been told by a few non-pilots that they are really strict about scoliosis for the flying physical because of ejections.

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