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Chances for guard/reserves?

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I’m applying to 6 guard units and 4 reserve units in my immediate geographic area (the more the better I’ve heard). 

Applying to both fighters and heavies. 

BS: Geospatial science (STEM) GPA: 2.4
Masters: Public Administration GPA: 3.75
PPL: 120 hours SEL (Passed checkride and written on first attempts) 

Fun fact: I balanced grad school and flight school concurrently while working full time.

Work: FAA where I deal with space launches, in the past I’ve done various GIS/Engineering work in government. 

LORs: senior FAA Chief (former USAF pilot), flight instructor, undergrad professor, grad school professor. (Don’t know any big name generals well enough, sadly). 

PCSM: 76
AFOQT: P83, N54, A35, V49, Q26

Personal: I was in a fraternity where I held a very involved leadership position and thrived in it. I’m a pretty like-able guy who can make friends easily. Not really a dweeb in any fair sense. I don’t have any friends in any guard units yet. I do have some AD pilot friends my age, and some retired pilots at work who have been advising me in this process. I have a few years of combined JROTC/ROTC experience so I’m not a stranger to military bearing and culture. I’m 26 years old. Non-prior/off the street.

I think my test scores are my biggest set back. 
Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you!

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What happened with ROTC?

Like you said, scores aren't the greatest ever, but they aren't the worst either. Competitive for heavies? Probably. Fighter, not really I dont think unless they really like you. But you never know unless you try. I'd try taking at least the TBAS again. You've got a decent amount of hours so you should be able to get that a bit higher. Have a good explanation regarding your low undergrad GPA. Just curious what your degree is, I've never heard of it myself. There is a minimum GPA for commissioning I believe (someone fact check me). Not sure if a masters changes that. 

Either way, just keep sending out packages until you've exhausted all options. Worst thing they can say is no thank you.

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