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Doing Afrotc with Gi Bill and only 2 classes to complete degree. Start new degree? Dont want to do OTS

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Planning to complete most of my degree while enlisted using TA. I want to do Afrotc since they get the majority of the pilot slots (2nd to the Academy of course).

I dont want to miss out on using my Gi Bill to it's full capacity (e5 bah plus tuition) so I was planning to either Minor in something while I do Afrotc or start an entirely new degree.

I spoke to someone on a different site and they said I "cant do this."

I want to know from others if it's possible to do this? (Since every det. Is different)


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I'm a current AFROTC Det CC so I have pertinent insights on this.  You can do this but might have to educate the cadre (Det CC included) of the Det you are planning on joining.  But, you'll likely have to do at least 3 total years in the AFROTC program (no short cut option now  of doing less than 3 years in the program as a cadet no matter how close you are to getting your degree now).  As I write this, I have a cadet in our program who already has a BA in Arts but is currently in school to get a BS in Aero Eng.  I confirmed with HQ ROTC that the cadet can be in the program and even get a scholarship if they compete and win it.   Basically, the degree they already have means nothing to the AF and the degree they are pursuing is exactly what the AF wants.  So, game on!  If you are pursuing a rated slot, even better. 

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