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2020 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

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Congrats to all the selects.  Looking forward to seeing the URT folks in the pipeline.   

Can’t believe I got in. Upt select.  87 PCSM (w/ PPL) 86 pilot AFOQT INav #1 from my wing.  this was my third try to get to UPT. For those who get told they didn’t get it this year, keep

UPT Select!

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17 minutes ago, UFTapplicant said:

So I saw that they loaded IFT for Apr 2 and my CSS told me JBSA Randolph as well. Could be a placeholder.

Where were you able to see your IFT dates? 

Any guys for RFT able to see their dates yet?

All I see from my CDB on vMPF is my 18 Dec date for MFS

Wondering if it won’t show until after my MFS... 

Thanks all, this thread is a great resource 

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I've been creeping on this thread throughout the whole UFT process and figured I would finally create an account to join the conversation. I am a UPT select (for the second time).

I checked my CDB today and found an IFT class date of March.

I also called my FSS to check the loss roster and was notified of a RNLTD of September for Vance. 

As previously stated, this is my second selection to UPT. I was selected the first time back in the enlisted BOT 17OT02. I processed through MFS Dec 2017 and proceeded to OTS in 2018 only to be told day one that I was DQ'd due to a denied waiver for Psoriasis and auto reclassed into Acquisitions. A few stressful months and a lot of paperwork later, I received an ETP from the VCSAF and reapplied to the FY20 UFT board, and now we are here. 

I was somewhat nervous to redo MFS again at Wright Patt, especially with the new tests that have been alluded to, but training dates in my CDB state that I should go straight to IFT without having to redo MFS. 

This thread is full of good info, thanks again for all of those providing gouge! 


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I'm a September 2020 start date as well.  Unsure of base, CSS was out the door, but I'm currently permanent party at Vance so...


Edit: yep I'm at Vance.  Anyone want any living situation or any SA on the base itself hit me up.  I love it here so far, leadership is phenomenal. 

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