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Upcoming FC1. Orders required?

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I am enlisted ANG & hired for UPT by a reserve unit in another state. My travel date is this Sunday to go to Wright Patt. Obviously, my current unit is not going to sponsor me to go get my FC1, but I was informed today by my gaining reserve unit that I don't have to be on orders to obtain my flight physical. Does this seem accurate? This goes against what I've learned from the Air Force since I've been in. 

 I'm just going to assume the unit knows what's correct, seeing as they have pilots working there now, and I am not one, but I want to avoid getting to Ohio and then being refused to be examined. 

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The difference between being on orders and not is who pays for travel, lodging, etc. If you are on orders, the unit that issued the orders will pick up the tab plus pay you. If you are not on orders then its coming out of your own pocket and you may get reimbursed later on a travel voucher. 

BTW, do not book a hotel at WPAFB, they automatically put you on base if you have an appointment for an fc1. 

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