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Baseops'ers. The new www.baseops.net will be unveiled soon. Along with the design, I'd like to update a lot of content. If you or somebody you know would like to make a little side money, I need writers to give me updated data on:

http://www.baseops.net/militarypilot/ -- and basically every page that this page links to






and basically any page that you find that is out of date.... I will be looking for content writers as soon as the new site design is finished (should be within 2 weeks). As you can see from the subject matters, I'm looking for more than one writer, preferably somebody with very recent experience in each section. Please PM me for details. Thanks!

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Follow up:

I'm also looking to rewrite the ASVAB. So if you have significant knowledge of the ins and outs and know some quality online resources, I could use your help.

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