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Found 3 results

  1. Guard member, PCSd from HOR to UPT base in Feb 2015. Got paid for PCS in April 2015. October 2016, I get a nasty gram in the mail from DFAS saying they paid me twice for my PCS, and are collecting the debt. No phone number or person to call, just DFAS mailing address. I also got a 'Travel Voucher Advice of Payment' online, showing a travel voucher debt. Jan 2017 they collect the 'debt' from my paycheck. The AF never paid me twice.. I have all the bank statements to prove. When I submitted my voucher, I believe finance modified the voucher to remove UHaul insurance, and refiled it. I went to local Guard Finance... they said I'd have to go over to the active duty side of the base because they didn't have the correct finance software to look it up. Went to Active Duty finance... same run around, they couldn't figure anything out... and recommended I file a case with DFAS. So a case got filed in the Case Management System, sat there for 2 months (with all of my appropriate bank statements, travel vouchers, and writeups). After 2 months, it closed out stating "Issue moved back to Local finance unit". More run around, I start emailing DFAS, and finally someone there responds back saying although they looked into it and discovered that I did in fact NOT get paid twice, DFAS does not deal with debt and I need to have (some random acronym) offices at Finance deal with it. I've tried emailing local active duty finance and just get chaffed. I have all the evidence in the world to show I never got paid twice, but cannot find anyone competent enough to resolve the situation. What course of action do I have available now? Everytime I take time out of my flying day to go over to Finance, I wait over an hour just to get seen by some E-3 shoe clerk who either can't look me up because I'm guard, or has no clue on how to reverse the debt. Any help would be great...
  2. I am heading down to TFOT and TFIT at Maxwell in January and I am a non prior UPT ANG select. My unit will only issue me ABU's and most of the Blue's but not the Blue's Coat, Pants Shoes and some of the other essential accoutrement and non of the Mess Dress that is included on the reporting instructions. Finance just informed me that I don't get the 400$ for officers to buy clothing because I am not an officer... I can probably get that later but still a pain. Also stopping by the BX i am sure that all the stuff I need will cost way more then that. Any body have any recent experience with this stuff? Do I just eat and it and pay for the stuff? On a related note, for recent guys at Del Rio, did you get your flight suits and stuff at Del Rio or was it issued by your unit? Our young pilots told me that they got it at UPT and that is part of the budget that our unit allots towards a training slot so we don't want to pay for the stuff if we already paid AFTC for it. Thanks
  3. I am working on my post-VSP pipe dream. I have been talking to Cameron-Brooks and trying to separate the sales pitch from reality. I think I heard the guy salivating over his commission already. Has anyone had any luck breaking into the finance or consulting industries in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc? Any constructive advice or contacts would be appreciate. Stats for reference: Did well at the Zoo, the AF (multiple strats, awards), and MBA (4.0, Brick and Mortar, but not top tier). Just a simple What are my chances? question for the real world. Thanks.
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