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Found 2 results

  1. Looking at pursuing the UPT pipeline dream be it AD or Guard/Reserve. Uncertain of how the prior service will factor into this- also looking at taking the AFOQT again. ------------------------------------------------------------ Background: Age: 28 Education: USAFA 2014- Management Prior service: Separated 2019 as an O3 Rec letters: 2 O5, 1 Airline Pilot + could get a Delta Cap, USAFR C130 guy (separated) PCSM: 74 AFOQT: Took at USAFA in 2013- Retake would certainly boost pilot/nav scores in the high 40's making them much higher. Flight hours: 1300 TT, 71 Actual Flight Certs: CFI-A, CFI-I, Com ME. --------------------------------------------------------- In short, looking for any fellas that may have advice/details on how to achieve this- any route is fine and provide different pros/cons. 1) While taking the AFOQT would certainly boost scores, and by no means am I against it- trying to get a date as I type this- is it a necessity for the AD board to get a slot? I believe the research shows an 75-80% chance of UPT completion based on the score alone. 2) How would the prior commission service play a role in this- No OTS on the time to UPT? --------------------------------------------------------- I know the USAF AD needs pilots desperately, hoping I can do my part. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Hi all, Thought I'd create a separate thread from the AD UFT one. Anyone else reapplying/applying to the active duty civilian boards for active duty Air Force (not Reserve)? Curious if anyone else has had any success getting a UPT slot this route. As a quick lesson learned from the last board don't let your recruiter force you to put any job on your sheet other than pilot. My recruiter(s) made me believe it was required to put alternate jobs beside pilot (put CSO as the 2nd choice just to get pushed through). Turns out that is not true and is absolutely not required. If your recruiter tells you this is required just move on and call a different one don't make my mistake.
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