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Found 3 results

  1. Yes, I've used the search function, and I even read all about the rules and regulations and understand the basics. What I want to know is, has anyone here used it while deployed? It seems like a good deal at first glance, but all of the stipulations they add to it sound like a pain in the ass. How easy is it to get signed up? Have you had any hassles or pay issues, either starting or at the end of participation? And it mentions that you can take out sums greater than 10k (if your account has gotten that big) in installments. But can you also elect to withdraw it in a lump sum regardl
  2. I've considered what I could do personally in the event this happens and have come up with a few palatable options but I've started to consider trying to roll a fair amount of liquid savings in dollars to a foreign currency in the event the worst happens. Besides this and maybe putting it into my mortgage, buying gold/silver, or purchasing property; I can't think of any other way to protect this part of my investments. Has anyone else come up with any ideas if they (take your pick on whom to blame) trigger a default?
  3. I am working on my post-VSP pipe dream. I have been talking to Cameron-Brooks and trying to separate the sales pitch from reality. I think I heard the guy salivating over his commission already. Has anyone had any luck breaking into the finance or consulting industries in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc? Any constructive advice or contacts would be appreciate. Stats for reference: Did well at the Zoo, the AF (multiple strats, awards), and MBA (4.0, Brick and Mortar, but not top tier). Just a simple What are my chances? question for the real world. Thanks.
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