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  1. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Then how’d he even sign for the jet?! I suspect the lack of use of his hand was the fear installed from SAPR training.
  2. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    This would be consistent with what everyone who saw it thought was a low transition gone wrong. Still hard to believe it couldn’t fly away on one, it was a cool day and DA shouldn’t have been a factor.
  3. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Rumor true. Low tranny gone bad.
  4. Physical Fitness related to G-Tolerance

    I was 6'3" and 240 first time in the 'fuge. Hate running and it shows... Did 5.8 resting g tolerance. YMMV
  5. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Swipe my ass, that shit was funny.
  6. Pretty easy when it's 1s and 0s and the computer can see precise energy states at every given moment. Let's see your super bot do it in a real jet, in real 1v1. Show me that computer/camera/sensor setup go 1.0 Pk and I'll be impressed.
  7. Omega X-33 Order

    Just picked up the new Navitimer 1884 (silly airline pay). Still want to add the X-33 to the collection. If anyone is running a list pm me for contact info. I'm in.
  8. Who is "Doom?"

    Heard the call sign "Doom" last night. Anyone know who that is? Best call sign ever.
  9. Pilot watches

    Sorry but your would never see any self respecting Naval Aviator wearing a T-45 watch. It's a trainer...
  10. F-16 Crash At Tyndall

    A lot of retired O-5's and 6's killed in last few years working for these civilian/contractors. 1. Tactical aircraft have no business in a for profit operation, or any operation not 100% funded for full capability and safety. 2. If you survived long enough to retirement, do your family a solid and let it go man. Maybe we can stem the flow of retired brass turning into memorial services?
  11. Tom Cruise Stunt

    False, an A400 couldn't get off the ground with Chuck Norris on board.
  12. Straight from the hiring manager at one of the big three to me personally: "If a candidate doesn't have 100 hours in the last 12 months, and a first class medical within six months, we don't even see their app." Take heed guys. Read the min requirements for each airline and make sure you meet every one. The upside is once you meet those wickets, your app magically reappears on their end. Good luck, you will get a call but you have to keep updating and networking. It's hard work, but you'll be rewarded handsomely.
  13. I apologize for calling you a raging tool. I underestimated you and I am sorry. I hereby promote you to "Turbo-douche-rocket".
  14. Kinetic WASN'T difficult when supporting the guys on the ground was priority one, then in 2007 things changed. In 2008-9 it was difficult, in 2011 the turn around was averaging 30-60 minutes. On more than one occasion I watched guys on the ground suffer because chariot denied requests for fire. Retired guys can do what they want, that's the beauty of being retired. That gear handle pays a buttload now and keeps me home with the family 15 days a month... but haters gonna hate.