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  1. How silly of me: a poster follows up a video of a hood-rat with a video of Obama and I smelt something nefarious of it. Even though the two videos had absolutely nothing in common except for misuses of the word "respect" and fomenting stereotypes of an extremely specific minority group. I'll never make that mistake again!
  2. You know how I know you're a racist? A disgusting, idiotic, and reprehensible ghetto chick on a bus has one thing in common with the POTUS, and you bring it up. Stay classy, guy.
  3. B.M.

    Mustache March

    Probably more like...
  4. Rather than continue the pointless arguing about social media and young soldiers being stupid, I propose we encourage the Israeli equivalent: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/10096047/Israeli-women-soldiers-reprimanded-for-posing-in-underwear.html Enjoy!
  5. People make mistakes: it's called life. What's with the sweeping judgments? If only there was someone on BODN who has also sent an "email heard 'round the world."... A moderator, perhaps... Who flies (flew?) Strike Eagles... If only...
  6. ^^ It was a training coffin, where the peeps learn/practice folding the flag. Not a legit coffin.
  7. By all means, I'm just adding a different perspective. The flags don't fold as well because the funeral detail is cold-soaked: Freezing weather in a breezy service coat and paper thin white gloves do not a crisp flag make due to numb hands. I really can't imagine ANYONE insinuating they would intentionally jack up a departed soldier's flag. But I can picture the lame venting of having to be in the freezing cold rather than inside a warm church. Was it dumb for her to say it to her "followers" on twitter? Damn straight. In this day and age anything you say (to anyone) can blow up on soc
  8. I don't mean to interrupt the lynching party, but... Has anyone here ever made a macabre joke? I've folded flags at funerals in -20 weather: it's not easy, and yeah, they weren't as pretty or crisp as those folded in 60 and sunshine. I'm sure we joked about it amongst ourselves, but thankfully we never had a global audience for our conversations like this young woman has... Social media is dangerous shit. Especially for someone too young and inexperienced to know when to hold back the thoughts they might share with close friends. As anyone watching GWB's old speeches will notice, i
  9. Red herring. I'd like to know who the idiots are that respond 'yes' when their car insurance company (or their surrogates) asks them if they text while driving. edit: beer bad, spell good
  10. 169FE, I'm disgruntled because I can't wear a 'SUCK FACTOR' morale patch, and my finances suck D2 the pension COLA cut... I'll sell you the KC-10 eTOLD program for 5 bucks. If that isn't sweet enough I'll throw in the W&B program for some french fries. I say sell the Chinese everything we have on the WARPs: that'll set them back at least 30 years.
  11. This thread is why we can't have nice things.
  12. Re: children, there have been limited studies which linked increased proportion of female children in fighter pilots. The best theory being the physiological stresses inherent in tactical aviation (G's, blackout, etc) skew spermatogenesis towards the survival of more X chromosome sperm. I.e, the X chromosome swimmers are generally more robust than the Y chromosome. Apart from radars and other artificial factors, aircrews are also exposed to much higher levels of radiation simply flying at altitude. More studies are needed, but aircrew generally aren't keen to invite medical researchers int
  13. Her article is hilarious if you read it as tongue-in-cheek: tator tots and star wars crap on the walls mean happy missile crews and 3rd graders, alike! Any chance she's part of that drug abuse ring?
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