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  1. On 5/23/2020 at 10:50 AM, dream big said:

    Texas, Florida and a few other states are a few weeks into “opening things up” and so far so good.  The sky isn’t falling and the death rate has peaked.  Far stretch from the doom and gloom we heard about from certain people.  If someone has a problem with it then they are welcome to stay at home. 

    Michigan on the other hand? The ‘queen’ there is asking for a rebellion. 

    Me and my friends up here are just ignoring the bitch and enjoying our lives. 

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  2. On 4/13/2020 at 9:48 AM, ryleypav said:

    As a Michigan resident, I will say, our Governor may over overstepped her bounds. Sure. Not going to argue that point. However, there are many people who just dont bother to read the legislation and spread misinformation to the masses. All of a sudden people are shouting out how its now all of a sudden illegal to buy seeds and have a garden. Turns out, if you actually read things, you can most definitely buy seeds and lawn/garden equipment from a store so long as it isn't over 50,000 sq-ft (i.e. Menards or Lowes where people stand around in the garden section for days on end). So any local hardware store is fine. The use of motorboats seems to be the big point of contention here. While I agree its a touch to far, I get it too. I went flying the other day and there were probably 200+ boats out on the Bay fishing. At that point in time, so long as everyone in the boat was from the same house, you were fine. I know for a fact that many were not following this. On the same note, that is 200+ people going to the gas station and 200+ people going else where to get supplies. I believe that same train of thought is applied to industries like Lawn care, and golf courses here in MI. The activities themselves can be done in isolation, but not the preparation.

    I live in Michigan as well,  our governor has gone well beyond executive power


  3. 7 hours ago, brabus said:

    Well we’re #11 on the list of deaths per million, so our healthcare system is doing better than 9 other first world countries (some of whom are 2x and 3x our death rate and are “beacons of socialized medicine”), plus Iran. We’re likely also doing better than several other countries who’s reporting is questionable (China, DPRK, etc.) Now I’m not saying our system is perfect or even “awesome,” but it’s certainly doesn’t “suck.” Healthcare workers are being laid off and temporary hospitals are not being used/torn down, all while leaders around the world walk back their doom-and-gloom predictions. 

    The data simply doesn’t support many of the draconian measures, notably the ones crushing the world economies. It certainly supports measured responses like quarantine for high risk individuals (or those who cannot avoid contact with them), isolation for those who are sick, social distancing, etc. It doesn’t support Lowe’s closing the garden center or shutting down John’s toy store (where people could still shop while maintaining social distancing). It doesn’t support telling people they can’t ride their bike outside, go for a walk, or take a drive. The level of police power were seeing does not match the numbers (especially when considering the margin of error in the models). Anecdotally, our governor has made every decision based off data that has been wrong by a factor of 2, since day one through this week...a solid month+ of decisions based on wildly inaccurate data. He’s not alone.

    Edit: This a holistic perspective, I acknowledge if you break this down granularly, some places are far more affected than others. But that doesn’t change the overarching reaction as a country/world towards this thing. 

    I am dumbfounded at how the police have turned against the citizens here in Michigan. I’ve lost all respect.


  4. “Presumed innocent” doesn’t mean just take it when someone attempts, or appears to attempt to kill. If I was convinced someone was trying to kill me, I wouldn’t think to myself, well their skin is a certain color so I’ll just let them do it.

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  5. 4 hours ago, tac airlifter said:

    I’ve read all your posts and I think I understand your viewpoint excepting the above and similar statements.  What are you talking about?  The AWB of 94-04 (I think those were the years) never made ARs illegal.  In fact, this entire Vegas massacre could have been prosecuted with the same ARs available for purchase during the AWB era, as the ban was cosmetic, not functional.  The sole piece of hardware banned during that period but used in this attack was “high capacity” magazines; under the AWB era mags were limited to 10.  However, mags produced before the ban date were grandfathered in and readily available for purchase.

    And that’s really key to your debate: the previous ban would not have stopped this attack, just like it didn’t stop Columbine.  Crazy people kill.  Nothing you’ve suggested would stop this incident, other than magazine capacity restrictions.  However then we’re left facing the fact that law breakers don’t follow laws.... so, your inability to justify high capacity magazines wouldn’t stop this guy from using them.  Given the level of lucidity he showed during attack prep & execution, in addition to financial resources, this guy seems like he could make his own magazines.  Yes that’s a real thing.

    I’m solidly on the side of maintaining gun rights as they exist; I’d even repeal the NFA.  But for arguments sake let’s say you banned all semi-autos.  Do you think we’d not have shootings still?  The US is not Australia (to cite a commonly held comparison): were already flooded with weapons, have easy borders to cross, have a culture of gun ownership, etc.  Mexican cartels move cocaine shipments protected by full auto weapons, do you think they aren’t business savvy enough to start moving weapons instead?  Where I’m going is this: there is no putting the gun genie back in the bottle here.  It’s impossible.  There is no law which can prevent this kind of tragedy from happening when an intelligent and rich and insane person sets his mind to doing it.

    if the gun control lobby wants to find a middle ground and work together, I’m happy to discuss potential legislation on mental health issues.  That they are laser focused on restricting the 2A, despite years of data disproving a correlation between legal gun ownership and gun crime, tells me they’re uninterested in “solving” the mass shooting issue, and instead shamelessly using these tragedies to advance their partisan agenda.  I get your point- we gun owners should brace ourselves for inevitable forthcoming bans and be prepared to question the necessity of every weapon and weapon add on.  I get it, but I reject your entire premise.  What law would have stopped this crime?  The same laws that stopped Nice & Paris attacks in France?  The laws that stopped the Utoya massacre in Norway?  The laws that keep Mexico so safe?  I reject the notion of gun-violence, it’s just violence.  What fixes violence?  Culture.  

    I took the time to type this out because I think your original questions were well intended, and demanded a reasoned reply.  Hope you found something in here we can agree upon.

    Well said.

  6. 6 hours ago, Ram said:

    Mr. Trump as president: Good or bad, we don't know yet (like any new president).

    Secretary Clinton permanently out of politics: We KNOW this is a VERY GOOD THING.

    I'll call that a win so far.

    I'd personally like to see an indictment against HRC on 21 January by our new Attorney General (supposedly Mayor Giuliani). I doubt we will see it.

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    going to give her a blanket immunity before he leaves.

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