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  1. 3 hours ago, JeremiahWeed said:

    "Pictures are bad." 

    I learned that one on about day two of fighter pilot school.  If the wrong flag officer gets spun up over this fiasco, I think it's entirely possible Maestro could be back in the frag pattern over that video.  This is a great opportunity to give your kids or anyone from the "I'll share anything with the world on the internet" generation a prime example of why you keep your shit private.

    Sadly, you’re right.  Hope the PC zealots aren’t that bad after this many years.  He had to have suspected it would come up when news of this came out.  

  2. 13 minutes ago, jrizzell said:

    Two weeks...most “leaders” are still trying to play catch up to their new responsibilities at two weeks. Something is really fishy, especially considering how big a deal it was for her to lead the demo team. 



    At what point do the demo pilots certify on the routine?  What would happen if they couldn’t get it down and/or the General wouldn’t sign off on it?

    I suspect that isn’t the case here; just wondering out loud.  Either way, really sucks for her.

  3. 12 hours ago, pelexecute said:

    As I was reading this 3 new 365’s came on my email for O-5’s.  All next summer to an undesired location. 

    May the odds be ever in your favor.


    Meanwhile, the quiche-eating airline guys are busy working 12, maybe 15, days a month for double the money.  The low point...being gone for 3 nights in a row! 😂

    Love ya Big Blue, but the madness has to stop.  Run!  Fucking Run fellas!!


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  4. 3 hours ago, okawner said:

    United FO schedules posted on the 17th for the following bid period which starts on the 1st +/- (usually -) 1- 3 days so not alot of advance notice

    True but the bid closes around the 10-11th, right?  If you have enough seniority you’ll have a good idea of what days you’ll get off (sts) before the schedule is released.

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  5. 1 hour ago, M2 said:

    My memory isn't that great, but I believe it was due to whoever started the thread deleted their account.

    No meme, just a great pair and a nice car!

    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, car and outdoor

    Ha!  That place is just down the road from me.  Gotta love their marketing strategy.  More of a Chevy man myself.   The brunette can stay though.


  6. 8 hours ago, MooseAg03 said:

    I’m not trusting the Air Force with anything, but that’s never how ADSCs have worked. So by that logic, when you complete PIQ/FTU following UPT, you just bought yourself a de-facto 14 year commitment (1 year UPT + 10 year ADSC + 3 year ADSC)? A change that monumental should be explained well before hand, but who knows with this management - this may be their way of extending UPT to a 15+ year commitment.

    Agree completely!  This should have been written more clearly and explained up-front.  

    I have zero trust in the AF to do the right thing by their people, thus my belief that this is yet another shady tactic to screw airmen in order to prop up percentages on some bullshit slide at HQ.

    RUN!  Fucking run!!!

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  7. On 8/9/2018 at 2:31 AM, MooseAg03 said:

    My guess is this is just rumor mill gone rampant. The new ADSC reg says nothing about tacking ADSCs on to the end of UPT. The chart just spells out what ADSC you are given for specific flying training, and the note saying it could not extend past 10 years rated service is now absent.

    Would you be willing to bet 2-3 years worth of airline seniority on this?  I hate to say it, but I just wouldn’t put it past the AF to remove a simple sentence like that specifically to back-door (no STS required) a bunch of unsuspecting Capt/Maj types.

  8. 10 hours ago, HU&W said:

    Official propo on the current status of the aircrew crisis.  


    Okay.  I’ve read that entire article 3 times today hoping my conclusion would change.  It hasn’t.  “What fucking planet are you on, dude?!”  I want to drive to his house with a 12 pack and invite myself in. “My man!  We need to talk!”  Because clearly NO ONE he has talked to has given him the straight scoop.

    He might as well have said, “Well, based on my two 15 day deployments in the last 20 years, THIS is what the rated force means”.  YGBSM. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, moosepileit said:
    3 hours ago, HarleyQuinn said:
    Made me think of the "Balad Light Show" the tower used to put on for upon request after landing at night. Definitely boosted my morale.

    Always a light moment when taxiing in near view of the tower and announcing that we had our tickets...

    They were still doing the Gun Show at Al Udeid in December.


    FWIW I've seen the TN adjutant general in action for quite a number of years and this didn't really come as a surprise.  A tragedy, for sure.  But he doesn't like the Air component one bit to begin with, and has a very low tolerance for "flyboy shenanigans".  It's interesting to note that he is one of the most old-school relics I've ever run across (and I'm pretty damned crusty myself).  The stuff I personally have heard him say about women and minorities, out loud, and in public, made me and several others literally wince.  Rule #3: There is no justice!  How he has made it this far is somewhat of a mystery to me, although admittedly I don't know much of his career prior to being a two star.

    (Rule 1 being Timing is everything, Rule 2 Life isn't fair. The three rules of an Air Force career)

    I already thought the guy who runs the snco/nco Facebook page was a complete Nonner tool, and this whole episode confirms it.  This shitbag literally ruined these people's careers, and in the case of the MSgt who tried re-enlisting, perhaps her entire life (she is a single mom whose only job was full-time ANG) and now tries to backtrack for fear of losing his precious clicks and Likes.  You, sir, can eat a bowl of dicks.  I'll never read or comment on anything he posts again.

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  10. 11 hours ago, MooseAg03 said:

    We had the same conversation about how much we could do with an extra $4k per month after taxes. However, is it worth screwing up our plans to separate and have some stability in our lives knowing I would just wind up getting out in 2 years when I get the 365 notification? Absolutely not.

    Agreed.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but the idea of more money to spend...in a place I didn’t choose to live, and getting deposited while I’m away from home for months on end AGAIN, all the while working for narrow minded leadership that doesn’t value my effort, just isn’t worth it.

    The fact the airlines offer significantly better stability and also the same, or possibly much higher, salary makes this a no-brainer.

    I will say I remember leaving AD and the fear of the unknown.  It took a couple years to realize that yes, I can say NO to things, I can live wherever I want, and my life can be about things other than work.

  11. 16 minutes ago, ColoradoAviator said:

    This kind of additional pay is game changing. I had a conversation with my wife along the lines of, "I know we talked about airlines but what if I stayed in and earned $192K/year?"  Granted that conversation ended with "Haha - it'll never happen!"

    That is equivalent to 3rd year pay at the airline, assuming you work 15 days a month.  And you’d still have no control over your life (179s, 365s, PCS, RPA, etc).


  12. 27 minutes ago, SPAWNmaster said:

    We are familiar with the area and have lived there before. Originally we said we’d come back when we retire but why wait? Finding out life is short with all these friends of mine going in so may just end up pulling the trigger if we can make it work. Question now is if VA loan permits us to be away or if we have to move in immediately. 

    This might be a good opportunity to not tell the VA your plans wrt not living there.  None of their business and if you don't offer it up, doubt they'll ask.

    I'd probably pull the trigger as well, assuming you know what you're getting in to.  It's only money after all! haha.  Honestly, you'll be paying the principle down for an extra year or more and also gain the interest deduction (not sure how that changes with the new Trump plan).

  13. 2 hours ago, spaceman said:

    Failure to meet cleaning standards will not be tolerated!  Thanks volunteers!!

    Oh the irony, eh?  We seriously can't even make this shit up anymore.  I'd say it's impossible to get any more out of touch than this statement, but the douchebags running the USAF these days would take it as a challenge.  

    I weep for our service.

  14. 16 hours ago, di1630 said:

    Airline dudes/dudettes:

    What type of standby or pass benefits do your airlines offer you for family and what’s your good/bad experience with using them?

    IMHO this is an almost unbelievable perk.  My parents are able to come visit as often as they want.  I fly literally all over the place on a whim.  Booking non-rev on other airlines is easy and free if you’re traveling by yourself.

    You learn the ropes pretty quick.  Take the earliest flight possible, as once the first operational hiccup occurs, you could be SOL all day.  Keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly.  Obviously some places are easier to get to than others but if you’ve got time and plan ahead, you’ll love it.

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