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  1. I’m also 30. Decent scores. Not great. Am I happy with them? No. Are they competitive? I think so. Basically here’s where I’m at with it. I started super late. I just realized 28 1/2 was changed to 33 in the past 4 months. Based on what I’ve read, and I’ve done a lot of reading, realistically I have roughly a year left. I then find myself in the same position where age again becomes a significant issue. It’s been a lifelong dream I thought was gone because of age. I look at it as blessing that I even have the opportunity to submit application packages. It’s a blessing I even had the ability to get my PPL and have 120 flight hours. If a unit looks through 50, 60, 70, in one case 120+ apps and deems me worthy of an interview. That’s amazing. If that unit chooses me for the slot out of all those apps. That’s a blessing. If I submit 25 packages and never get an in person interview then it wasn’t meant to be. I have a good job, a very supportive fiancé that’s supported me chasing this dream, and a beautiful, happy, and healthy 1 year old daughter. I’m still a lucky guy. I’m still blessed to be so lucky. Do I have the burning desire to serve my country and fly the best aircraft in the world? I absolutely do. If I fail to realize that dream I at least chased it. The best way I knew how. Based on the conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met here the people that caused that dream to fall through deserved to live that dream as much if not more than I did and I’m nothing but happy for them.
  2. I’ve applied to 3 units. All heavies. No response on the first. Interviews were scheduled 3 days after deadline so I figure they had the people they wanted to interview already. TBNT on the second. Same story. Interviews scheduled 2 days after deadline. Figure they had their people picked as well. Third unit I applied to after contacting their POC. Wasn’t listed anywhere. Applied. Got an interview invite the next day via Zoom. Waiting to hear back on callbacks for in person interviews. I’m not entirely sure that everyone that applied got a Zoom interview. Even if they did, I’m happy that I at least got the opportunity to interview and tell my story and explain why I want to be a pilot in the ANG. I will definitely apply with them again if I don’t get an in person this time. I’ll definitely apply with the second unit that gave me a TBNT. I may expect too much but there’s just something about not getting any feedback that makes me not want to reapply with the first unit.
  3. Full disclosure in my case. I reached out to them to see if interviews had been sent out. They responded with TBNT.
  4. Also got the TBNT from Dover this morning.
  5. Anyone gotten any word from the 709th out of Dover?
  6. Anyone know of any upcoming boards for the C-17? I’ve done some research but haven’t come up with anything as of yet.
  7. So I’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic. Based on what I’ve found, BAV is disqualifying for all classes of flight. It is, however, waiverable. That’s where I’m a little confused. Moderate aortic regurgitation is waiverable for FCII and for low G aircraft but it is not waiverable for FCI. Does that mean that flying for the Air Force, ANG, or reserves just isn’t an option for me? I have moderate leakage. No other issues. No symptoms. Just happened to be found on an echo I had done due to family history or heart issues. Based on my understanding, I could fly heavies under FCII but since I can’t pass FCI I can’t fly heavies. Am I understanding that correctly? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Do they normally always send out a decline email? Rickenbacker is the first unit I’ve applied to so I’m still unsure of how the process works.
  9. Gotcha. I hadn’t received an invite or TBNT so I wasn’t aware.
  10. I haven’t heard anything back from Rickenbacker on my end.
  11. I have a question about FCI. I have a bicuspid aortic valve with moderate leakage. It is waiverable for FCII in limited G aircraft so tankers and bombers. It is not waiverable for FCI. If you must have an FCI to go to UPT does that just mean I’m out of luck even though I would qualify for heavies?
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