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  1. For anyone who is having issues getting their initial flying class physical completed in time, there is some flexibility with the due date for that part of the application. Reach out to the DP2OR Workflow email from the PSDM and they can provide guidance.
  2. FY 21 UFT Board has been pushed back to 15-17 Dec 2020. Applications due on 3 Nov 20.
  3. There are a number of boards and DTs being rescheduled at AFPC due to the COVID19 outbreak. They are looking at delaying the board by 3 months. The PSDM will be adjusted once all the details are finalized (next week?).
  4. The FY21 active duty flying training board announcement was just released. PSDM 20-18 is available on myPers. Search for article number 46264 to pull it up.
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