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  1. For TBAS prep, I would highly recommend using https://tbastestprep.com/. It really helps prepare you for the actual exam! I ended up rescheduling my TBAS just to prep more using this software program. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry for leaving you hanging, I would HIGHLY recommend you use this software to boost your TBAS scores. It's definitely worth every penny and gives you a real feel for your TBAS exam to prep. I ended up pushing back my TBAS exam just so I can purchase this and very glad I did! You can check out https://tbastestprep.com/ for the software program. As for my AFOQT, looks like I should've spent more than a few days to study for it... didn't do too well so might take it again in 6 months but I'm hopeful I will do well on the TBAS using this software program from tbastestprep.com. I'll wait for my PCSM score to see if I need to take the AFOQT again. Date TCO Form/Version Pilot Navigator Acad Aptitude Verbal Quantitative July 09, 2020 XXXX T/2 43 46 66 89 49
  3. What are recommended resources for AFOQT? I used peterson's and a guide (Complete AFOQT guide by Todd Philips) off of Amazon so far. For TBAS I used the flashcards and may consider buying that software that someone posted up earlier. Only 0.5 flight hours from a discovery flight so not sure how well I'll do given the PCSM focuses so heavily on flight hours.
  4. Same, I would love to access the simulation since plan to take the TBAS next month. Anyone recommend other resources to try to do the simulation since the link no longer works?
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