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  1. What everyone above said is correct... your "free time" is about to get nuked. Its not as bad as it sounds... but you will be rather focused on other things for the next few years. That's okay... its still a (mostly) kick ass time. Having said that... working out to recover from stress is absolutely vital. I have never been a Ninja Turtle, but being part of a gym and working out will help you maintain balance. This is coming from both a former UPT student and a UPT IP and FLT/CC. Assuming your FLT aren't a bunch of numskulls... you may be able to "lobby" for gym time after the first portions of T-6s. If that sounds like a good idea... make sure people know their boldface. Like... perfect. Also... don't do dumb things, show up on time, yadda yadda. TL;DR... heavy/high time commitment stuff is not very conducive during UPT. At the same time, some type of working out will most likely help you out tons. edit: To answer your question... Laughlin had nothing outside of a local "Tae Kwan Do" gym when I was there... but that was 7 years ago. They did have crossfit when it was "the thing"... but I am not sure that is exactly what you are after. Probably same for the other bases... try google.
  2. Long time lurker... but this one brings me out of the shadows... This is 100% no bueno. Just like nunya said, the shoeclerks and careerist commanders are going to be all over this. Mandatory Fun Runs... check. Never Ending Worthless Sq PT... check. Even More Qweep for the Sq whipping boys (ADOs) to track... check. More group punishment for "one more moron failing"... check. Imagine the Group Commander meetings... "Sorry Joe, I know you're SQ is hacking the mish, picking up for the other SQs, and have all your evals in on time... but another one of your loads/LTs failed their PT test by one situp. I can no longer trust your leadership... you're fired." I'm all for whipping the chunkers into shape... but Jesus... this will suck for your average dude/dudette. /Direct.
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