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  1. What was your class date? I'm in 16Jun RFT and can only assume they just haven't gotten around to formally canceling me yet.
  2. So they sending you straight to RIQ? Do you know if they are applying a blanket waiver for IFT for folks affected by COVID, or are they changing the pipeline for good?
  3. Originalturk: Did you get "new" date or did they just cancel your training RIP without reslotting you?
  4. Anybody having their IFT dates moved around? I heard that 19 AF put out guidance that manned IFT slots take priority over RPA/CSO. Curious if any other URT folks have had their dates moved/canceled...
  5. Any guesses on what the status might be for those with IFT dates AFTER the TDY ban? Is everyone going to get moved back? Or do they reslot the folks whose dates directly conflict with the 60 Days order?
  6. Where are yall getting your rips from? AFPC sending emails? Or through your UTM/ formal training folks?
  7. Thanks for the information that's really helpful. I got an MFS date of 15 Jan. Hopefully that means I'll be getting an IFT RIP shortly after that. Huh, I thought airframe preference was dependent on class ranking during RIQ? Are they being assigned at random to the OTS/ROTC folks? I kind of have my heart set on Reapers... are they giving people any input on what they get?
  8. Any URT bros from the last board have any insight on pipeline? I emailed the 18x pipeline manager a few days ago and they told me they have "no idea" what the timeline would look like for a 2020 select, and to ask back again after the new year.
  9. Congrats to all the selects. Looking forward to seeing the URT folks in the pipeline.
  10. Not gonna post the list... definitely not the move. Good luck everyone!
  11. Got a peek at the list... 62 pilots, 50 CSO, 35 RPA, 28 ABM
  12. Whelp. I just lost a year of my life... My non select news was a prank by my leadership chain bc I have been so nosey about the results. Most relieved I have ever been. URT select. PCSM - 58 (6 hrs) AFOQT - p 90 c 94 aa 99 v 99 q 92 GPA: 3.25 Age: 33 (34 by jan1 so I needed a waiver for upt)
  13. I wonder if the slot breakout influenced them letting folks decline with no penalty this year...with the uptick in CSO/ABM they could have seen alot of folks who wanted UPT decline and be taken out of next years pool.
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