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  1. CA here - took the TBAS back in April at MEPS (while the state was in full lockdown mode). There were additional steps to go thru (paperwork and pre-entrance check).
  2. I went for testing a couple of weeks ago. Can’t comment on the medical aspect, but the only difference I saw due to ‘rona was everyone had to meet in a conference room at the MEPS hotel and get their temps taken, and the recruiter had to sign a form saying that you were appropriately quarantined. This wasn’t a huge deal (though me and 2 other AF OCS potential were the only ones with paperwork issues, figure that), but something additional. The AF liaison got us all squared away with our messed up forms.
  3. Alight, more updates. Finally got a TBAS test thru all the pandemic madness. Scored an 88 with 125 hrs... Coming up short of my 90 goal, but manageable? I guess I have 6 months to debate that. More importantly, I had some conversations with a pilot friend in my #1 choice of unit/airframe. He forwarded me to their squadron hiring officer... who had less than stellar news on the age waiver front. But, they then swore in a new SC with different attitudes on the subject, so, the quest continues.
  4. Update: I finally got a test date. Still waiting to take the TBAS (hopefully next week but that’s not confirmed yet) but my AFOQT scores are: P-95/N-89/A-83/V-96/Q-56. I’m less than impressed with that Quant score, but workable?
  5. OK cool, that’s an angle I can work. And, I’m trying to keep stuff vague in order not to dox myself, but, primary target is 129th. Thanks man, I’ve read a bunch of your comments, and it has inspired me to keep going on the path. I think this medical thing should be pretty straight forward, but you never know.
  6. Local options are heavies and helios (there is a fighter squadron nearby, but already I figured that was a no-go). The Jan board I’m interested is for the C-130J. I do have one friend who flies over there and another who is finishing up training for a non-pilot job. I’ve been able to get some good info from them in terms of how the unit works, and QoL and such, but haven’t broken thru the “party with the Wing” barrier yet. It sounds like two tests a month are offered, it’s just a matter of getting the actual dates cleared with the recruiter. There is also a ROTC program nearby, but I h
  7. Hi all, I’ve been waiting to post here with some fresh AFOQT/TBAS scores, but I still haven’t been able to sit for the test, so I figured I should start in the meantime. Once the recruiter heard my age (32), he balked at pilot talk, and went straight into pushing me toward CSO or Intel (neither of which I have interest in). Background: BS/MS Aero Eng. Entire post-college work history is govt. contracting, in Aero Eng. related fields. Oh, and my work site shares the airfield with the Guard unit I am most interested in (what I’m getting at, is they know the group I work for, and th
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