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  1. I interviewed on the last board. Got impatient and emailed the POC and he told me to expect something within 30 days of the interview. Didnt expect them to use the whole 30 days lol
  2. Yeah I meant were they calling to give the TBNT or an interview notification. Im guessing for those who haven't heard, they'll send a TBNT email tomorrow
  3. Nada. Anyone that interviewed with Ohio know when they plan to announce their selections?
  4. God I love this forum lol. Never have I ever been rooting for my competitors to also succeed so much!
  5. I just got into this racket at the beginning of the year and have applied to pretty much every board that doesn't have the PPL or solo requirement. I was able to build 11 hours of flight time before COVID shut down my flight school and I haven't been able to fly since (I'm on Guam and options are very limited for flying). I have good scores and GPA, but had been getting shot down since I started. Then out of the blue, 4 interviews fall in my lap within a couple weeks. I had to decline one because they required an in person interview. I also can't visit units to establish a relationship from here so I've just taken advantage of units passing through Andersen AFB and have been spamming POCs with emails and phone calls to express my continued interest. I think that's really the only reason I've gotten any traction so far. If nothing happens with these interviews I'm gonna go ahead and reel it in to start prepping for my active duty separation. My advise to you when you're feeling discouraged is to remember that old chestnut... "Instead of thinking why me? Start thinking why NOT me?" And carry that attitude into your applications and how you communicate with the unit. Thats what I've been doing, and I'm right there with ya.
  6. Damn I guess they don't do courtesy no thanks letters?
  7. Anybody heard from Tennessee yet? Spoke directly over the phone and was expecting notifications last week.
  8. I'm just referring to notifications about whether or not we got an interview or the no thanks
  9. Geeze I figured it was just a preliminary meet and greet that everyone got. Thank you!
  10. Anyone else get a Zoom interview with the 167th?
  11. Heard back from the POC on this one. "Our next pilot hiring board will be in October. Please have your package submitted to me by 14 Aug 20. If selected, I will include all the details needed for the interview process. While the interview dates are currently scheduled for 3 & 4 October 2020, we may have to be flexible due to COVID-19 protocols."
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