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  1. @FDNYOldGuy I appreciate the response and all the info. Just got cleared by MEPS, recruiter says WP is backed up so i'll keep on pushing to get up there.
  2. When I accepted the job offer they had me start working with a recruiter. I'm about 90% sure he is scheduling me for Wright Patt. Really the only info i've gotten from him is "MEPS, then WP, then board". I emailed him for clarity before posting here, but I was hoping other Civilian to Reserve guys had some answers.
  3. Can someone fill me in on what exactly I have to get done between getting hired and getting to OTS? I was picked up a Heavy Reserve squadron and i'm working with a recruiter, but he is barely giving me any information. Hired: October 2019 MEPS: December/January 2019 I need a physical at Wright-Patterson? and I need to be accepted by the Air Force Reserves board? Then I can swear in and be gained by the 340th? I haven't had anyone confirm these for me, just things I've picked up from reading this forum.
  4. I got hired with a lower GPA and lower AFOQT scores. Stop worrying about numbers, worry about being a humble good dude who people want to fly with.
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