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  1. 20-07 Nav RC-135 2 X EC-130H AWACS C-130H MN ANG 20-07 SO 4 X U-28A AC-130J WSO AC-130J CSO 20-06 WSO 4 X F-15E 6 X B-52H
  2. 20-05 WSO 4 X F-15E 4 X B-1 B-52 20-06 SO 2 X U-28 2 X MC-130J HC-130J 20-06 Nav AWACS RC-135 C-130H Maxwell (AFRC)
  3. MC-130 and HC-130 both pull from the SO track. Nav track drops AWACS, JSTARS, RJ, Slick C-130s, and EC-130Hs
  4. Last Week's EWO Drop (20-05 I think?) 2 X RC-135 2 X EC-130H 1 X B-52
  5. 19-14 (Legacy Syllabus) RC-135 Nav 2 x RC-135 EWO 2 x AWACS Nav EC-130H EWO 2 x B-52 WSO B-52 EWO 2 x F-15E WSO B-1 WSO U-28 CSO MC-130H EWO
  6. 19-12 4 x F-15E 4 x B-52 WSO MC-130H EWO 2 x AC-130W 4 x U-28 AC-130J WSO HC-130J C-130H WV ANG EC-130H Nav RC-135 EWO AWACS
  7. The legacy syllabus and the new syllabus are currently overlapping; I think the first class on the new syllabus drops in August. I'm honestly 100% about how drops and graduation will work with the new syllabus. EWOs track in the middle of T-6s, and the other three tracks split off before T-1s. However, each of the four tracks drop at about the same time, so I think drop nights will stay the same. Not sure about graduation, as WSOs have top off for a while after drop night, while Navs, SOs, and EWOs will all graduate shortly after. F-15Es have several more T-1 and T-6 flights after drop night, and Bone/Buff WSOs have a few more T-1 flights and some academics before graduation. My guess is they'll graduate the whole class at once, then have the WSOs top off with their wings already pinned on.
  8. Let's try to restart this thing: 19-10 2 x RC-135 Nav RC-135 EWO 3 x C-130H Nav (2 AFRC/1 ANG) AC-130J 3 x F-15E 2 x B-52 EWO 3 x B-52 WSO U-28 HC-130J 2 x EC-130H EWO MC-130H EWO JSTARS AWACS
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