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  1. For what it's worth coming from another candidate, go take your tests and then reevaluate based off your scores. In regards to flying, the PPL is a major check in the box for any guard/reserve unit. I work a job that has me gone for 90 days and home for 30, so i was in a similar situation to you and managed to get my PPL accomplished in two leave cycles. I'm not sure what kind of units you are looking to apply to, but some of the feedback I have received list how many hours the applicants for that board had, with the majority of then over 100 hours.
  2. Is Saturday or Sunday preferred? I get back from the sandbox on the 17th and will buy some tickets right now to meet you guys.
  3. Quick update for timeline tracking: Now 26, obtained my PPL, PCSM of 88 now inching towards a 92. Was able to finish my degree with a 3.3 overall. I have applied to 5 units, 3 of which were fighters and have not been offered an interview yet. I really think rushing units is the key, and so I am planning to makes some serious changes for the fall, in order to complete an instrument cert and rush units for the spring hiring season. For those in the same boat, keep on keeping on.
  4. Congrats, did you rush the unit prior to the deadline?
  5. With the 193rd having a UPT board in the near future I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the type of flying that the unit conducts. Given the mission I would assume the majority of flights would be high altitude orbits for hours on end. Does the EC-130J pipeline mirror that of an MC-130 or more of a slick 130?
  6. Are any current or former pilots willing to look over my completed package via pm? With deadlines approaching in the next month or so it never hurts to have a second set of eyes look it over. Especially one from within the community.
  7. Appreciate the response. I figured to PPL was gonna be the kicker. On that topic would it be beneficial to pursue my instrument and commercial? While I would prefer the AF to train me from the ground up I have the funds and time to pursue the rest of my ratings. As far as the quantitative scores go what would be a good reason? Math certainly isn't my strong suit but I know it is required for pilots on a daily basis.
  8. Putting this out there to hear any advice the community may have to make my application more competitive for A-10's and other pointy nose aircraft. Age: 25, will be 26 when boards convene Degree: B.A.S Public Safety GPA 3.2ish Prior Service Air Force :4N051 AFOQT: 97/99/84/94/62 PCSM: 84 (97 at 201 hrs) Flight hours: 50 Student Pilot My LORs aren't from any big wigs so that has me slightly concerned. On a subjective basis I think I'm a good candidate and have some interesting life and leadership experiences thus far that could make me a reliable pilot. I'm a paramedic and have worked all over in various capacities. Also if anyone knows how the 127th at Selfrdige ANGB base handles their boards it would be greatly appreciated.
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