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  1. Nothing that hasn't been said already but I'll weigh in. I used this book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1635301041/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and bought a couple others but ended up not using them. I'm going to parrot what Catman said and say that the table reading in all of the study guides is pretty worthless. AFOQTguides.com has the best one, but even given that: Make your own or use the one I attached here. Other than that and the instrument comprehension the book was pretty good on everything else. Instrument comprehension was easier (at least for me) on the test than it was in the books. About a week out, maybe even more I'd stop studying and just start practicing. Run through the whole test one or two times then really hammer down on the areas you're not that great on. If you think you're good enough on table reading odds are you could use some more practice. It all comes down to time management. I thought I had it down but I guess not since I left 3 questions blank, having to stop as I was transitioning to fill the bubble. When you practice use a bubble sheet, since it's one thing to write an answer down or circle one, and another to fill in bubbles. They eat up time, especially on table reading. I did this and ended up with a 99/99/99/97/96. Answer Bubbles.xlsx
  2. There's other factors pushing me towards the guard but if I'm approaching my late 20s and haven't had any success with that route I'll definitely be looking seriously into the active duty route.
  3. Unfortunate for those of us off the street guys but not surprising.
  4. Not military. Just a lowly PPL, HP and Complex. Should have IFR before I apply anywhere. Is Duluth doing a board this year?
  5. Oof that table reading could be trouble then. I know Guard fighters is about as competitive as it gets but all I've ever wanted was fighters and it's a "guaranteed" fighter seat so that's what I'm pushing. I'm anxious to fly period but I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's fighters. Are you Duluth or downtown?
  6. That all sounds good man. I would be surprised if you didn't get an interview for heavies, though your pilot score may be a little low for fighters. Rush and that will help a lot. Maybe see if you can't join something between now and interview time. Or don't depending on how close it is, wouldn't want to jump in just to jump back out. I'd say 4 months out or more, but what do I know. Thanks, I'll go back over it. Table reading has me spooked but if it's the same table on the published AFOQT/TBAS site it wont be an issue. If it's not I'm worried. The rest I'm not too worried about. I'm applying guard for fighters only and maybe a couple of reserve bases, if nothing then next year expand to A-10s, then failing that AD or Guard heavies, haven't decided.
  7. BR_MIST I haven't even taken the AFOQT yet (Friday) but from talking with some pilots at a couple units here's what I notice: Low Nav and Quat scores, I know technically it's pilot that really matters but they'll likely want to know why you struggled in those sections. Do you really know the Army two star or is it just someone you managed to pull a LOR from? I don't ask to be mean, just because I find myself in a similar position of could get a LOR from a former adjutant general in the state I'm pushing hardest for but I don't really know him well. The advice I've received from multiple people involved in the process is don't, its better to find someone that knows you well. Just something to think about. If you really do know them than that's great, should look really good. Any sports, clubs, hobbies, volunteering? Before and after graduating. Team sports look really good (direct from hiring POC) and I'm guessing it will look even better if you're involved post graduation, since it's generally more difficult to get involved after than before. Any performance reviews from work? Be ready to answer questions on learning/how to learn especially as a CFI.
  8. For those struggling with the security certificate, click "Advanced" on the bottom left and that will give you the option to go ahead at the bottom of the page.
  9. megabyteme https://bogidope.com/squadron-job-listing sort by UPT. They wont all be here but it's a good start
  10. Just a Guard hopeful here so I can't answer to the flight med side of things but I know a guy who had the allergy/immunotherapy shots and it went from bad to basically no allergy symptoms at all. I know this is late but in case anyone else is looking.
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