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  1. To answer the testing questions: If you really want to make that January board, think hard about your test dates. If you can take the AFOQT and TBAS whenever (by whenever I mean the test administrator is cool with whenever) then make sure you're totally prepared and take it then. If you've reached out to where you're going to take the AFOQT and the TBAS and found out they only do them certain times or scheduling will be difficult, get it done ASAP. When I did the AFOQT my options were that week I called (I wasn't ready) or wait 3 months. TBAS was another 3 weeks after that. With regards to the recruiter: the recruiter has their best interests in mind, not yours. They can be helpful but don't take everything they say at face value.
  2. What airframe? If it's heavies you're fine. The official limit is 33 and people have been waivered as high as 36, maybe more. If it's fighters that's a different ball game. If you know the pilots at the unit really well and otherwise are a strong candidate, you might sneak in. If not, definitely apply, never rule yourself out, just don't hold your breath.
  3. Color cone contrast and medical flight screening
  4. If you're leaning towards heavies you have all the time in the world
  5. You can always add a cherry on top for the other 40% of the time too
  6. Keep in mind that for fighters, it's not just 90's for pilot score but high across the board
  7. GPA doesn't go into PCSM. Only hours, TBAS, and AFOQT pilot score
  8. Just a nobody commenting but dang even during my PPL my instructor had me fly solo to two or three airports I had never been to before. A couple of short "cross countries" to a couple of new airports dual, then back to those solo, then "Hey, you're going here today, you know enough to figure it out"
  9. Not saying don't try, for all I know someone who can answer questions is hanging around but I just wouldn't hold your breath.
  10. Wisconsin is deployed, I wouldn't expect a response until late October
  11. No you obviously got the best score, you can skip UPT
  12. VR should be used to supplement time in the cockpit, not replace it. The impression I get is that leadership wants to use it to cut training costs so the overall pushback is no it's bad. It's not bad it's just being used wrong. It could be a really good tool for teaching to enhance the program, but only as it adds to it, not as it replaces things. Just my .02 as a nobody.
  13. Don't get too hung up on scores while you take it. It's a quick way to lose focus. One mistake you can't do anything about and really isn't a big deal, but if you let that mistake distract you and bleed into the rest of test it becomes a big deal. TBAS is a mental game, not just testing your mental abilities but your ability to keep composure after you inevitably screw something up.
  14. @Jordan P Don't email, call. Also look at local ANG/Reserve units, many of them offer it. Ask for education when you call. If they don't have it they may be able to point you in the right direction. Don't be a dick but don't necessarily take no for an answer. When I was taking it I initially was told it wasn't possible for either the AFOQT or TBAS as a civ but I called back again, got someone different, and got it scheduled.
  15. I'm not that far in the process but from the people I've talked to living abroad shouldn't be much of an issue (lived in Europe and Canada through all of high school). The issue there comes if you, for example, lived in Russia or China for a while. Being a naturalized citizen could be more problematic though. I would guess the answer is maybe, maybe not. The only way to find out is to go for it though. Make them tell you no. If this is really what you want do everything you can to make it happen and don't quit until everyone has told you no. Even if you don't make it through there's a big difference between "I tried my best and it just didn't work out for XYZ reason" and "I never even bothered".
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