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  1. I'm not that far in the process but from the people I've talked to living abroad shouldn't be much of an issue (lived in Europe and Canada through all of high school). The issue there comes if you, for example, lived in Russia or China for a while. Being a naturalized citizen could be more problematic though. I would guess the answer is maybe, maybe not. The only way to find out is to go for it though. Make them tell you no. If this is really what you want do everything you can to make it happen and don't quit until everyone has told you no. Even if you don't make it through there's a big difference between "I tried my best and it just didn't work out for XYZ reason" and "I never even bothered".
  2. I'm not even gonna touch the rest of it but this part... God forbid they want to share their experience and expertise to help people through the process and have a low tolerance for bullshit. Also, this forum isn't just for hopefuls, there's other reasons to be here than to cater to choosing beggars.
  3. Keep in mind your PCSM is function of flight hours too. Not saying it doesn't help, I'm sure it does, just a note
  4. You can't "study" but you can practice. Look at the TBAS information website and it should be pretty easy to find ways to prepare. A lot of them are posted on these forums.
  5. I've got $20 burning a hole in my pocket, I'm in
  6. Every unit is different. Some will have a listed POC and some will not. Some will list an ops desk some will not. Generally, ANG recruiters deal with enlisted and not officers, but they might be able to point you in the right direction. Additionally, more and more units don't allowing rushing these days. Some only at certain times, some invite only, like everything, it depends. You do need to have a degree to become an officer, and you need to be an officer to fly, so if you haven't graduated you need to at least be close (1 semester or so). Each unit can have it's own specific requirements so don't be surprised when it varies unit to unit. Some will require a license some won't. Some might require hours while others don't. For a lot of units, fighters especially, you can apply and technically be considered with 0 hours but the reality is without a PPL you get pushed aside pretty quick. EDIT: To add to that, here's an example of where Ops is listed: https://www.138fw.ang.af.mil/Contact-Us/ If you're interested in being a pilot here's an example posting: https://www.115fw.ang.af.mil/About/Careers/Pilot-Training/ Notice some info on there that if you're just getting started you probably don't have and will need to get sorted before you can seriously discuss hiring with anyone.
  7. Call around and just keep looking until you find something that works. Topeka just took my name and gave me a time and date to show up. Same for Whiteman for the TBAS.
  8. I think the most important thing is if you want it go for it. You can disqualify yourself or you can go for it and maybe have a shot. Only way to find out if they're going to say no is to give the hiring board a chance to say yes. Study up, retake the AFOQT, and apply for everything you want in the mean time. Send me a DM if want help studying
  9. A couple of things to tack on as an applicant (so take what I say with a grain of salt, someone correct me if I'm wrong). 3) If you want fighters you need to get moving quickly. The age limit was recently upped to 33 but due to high demand for slots and how difficult flying fighters is units can afford to be more picky and target younger guys. Doesn't mean it can't happen at or after 30 it's just much less likely than, for example, a well qualified 23 year old. 4) Expanding on the not just a "gig on the side" statement; even as a traditional guardsman you'll have to put your life and your career aside for 2-4 years of full time training. If your career or life situation won't allow that then you have to make a tough call, one has to give. I'm not trying to discourage, everyone wins the more people are interested and push through the process, just trying to give a little context. If you need help with AFOQT/TBAS stuff feel free to DM me.
  10. My prep was 10-15 minutes every other day starting two months out and slowly ratcheted it up to 1-2 hours a day or more up to three days prior. After that stop studying and just practice. If you did the above there should be nothing left to learn in those last three days and it becomes all about time management and practice. I must have done the math sections a dozen times each and the table reading 50 times in the last couple of days before the test. Huge pain in the ass but all of my scores were above 95 so worth it.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I've been by one unit a couple of times and am trying to schedule a visit with another. Unfortunately I won't have time to visit Duluth before that package goes out. I definitely intend to get out and visit at least once to everywhere I apply.
  12. @Charlie_100 @brabus It really is dismal. My major is Mechanical Engineering but it's low enough that that doesn't justify it. @Ligma Thanks for the advice. I've been mulling over in my head the best way to answer questions about that and I know the best answer (and the truth) is that I own what happened, I've learned from it, and that's not who I am anymore. @jonlbs Thanks for the advice. I've got a cover letter and resume prepared but I'll iterate over it a few times. I know it's a long process, frustratingly so but I'm glad I'm at the point where I can at least start applying and stop watching boards go by.
  13. @CharlieHotel47 Thanks, you should have a PM from me in a second here. I've been out to one unit a couple of times but I'll go ahead and give the "how to rush units" thread a re-read before I go to me next one, just in case. @Desk Jobs Suck Understood. I've considered that masters route but you're right, it's probably a waste. All I really want to do is fly and if fighters don't work out I may widen the search to heavies too. I'll give it a couple of years of full time effort into fighters before my game plan changes though.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I've just been worried that mistakes I've made in the past that I've grown from are going to end a lifelong dream of mine. Any advice on things I could do (especially short term, applying to Duluth this month, but long term as well if it doesn't pan out) to help show improvement?
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