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  1. Alright thanks! I appreciate the input, I'll work toward that.
  2. Thank you, that was the impression I got as well. With the PCSM, do you mean it has to be 85+ for 201+ hours? Or do I actually have to get it up to that level with flight time?
  3. Stuff I Currently Have: Age: 23 Scores: AFOQT: Pilot 89; Navigator 77; Academic Aptitude 94; Verbal 96; Quantitative 82 PCSM Score: 63 (80 with 201+ hours) Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Lamar University 3.2 GPA Flight Experience: 46 Total Hours of Flying Extensive Flight on a Citabria with an Extreme Tail-wheel Shimmy (correctly diagnosed the repair for the shimmy and also safely landed the aircraft with landing gear damage.) Flew a Cessna 152 through the recent Sahara Dust Cloud, Experienced pre-detonation, correctly diagnosed poor fuel quality as the root-cause of failure post-flight. FAA Medical 3rd Class Work and Volunteer Experience Volunteer | Space Settlement Design Competition | 2013 - Present Volunteer for a NASA sponsored industry simulation competition that simulates working on a design engineering team request for proposal for a habitable space-based facility with a very tight 48-hour deadline Progressed from a student participant to VP Engineering to a CEO role as an adult volunteer Provide management and technical guidance to a team of 64 students as the CEO of a simulated aerospace company Presented to a panel to simulate pitching a design to a panel senior aerospace engineers in front of a large audience Engineer | ADAK Digital Inc. | May 2019 - Present Designed a new image form into their job app that helped a local business secure a large client Coordinated engineering outreach events attended by over two thousand students sponsored by ADAK Digital Work in a team to secure contracts to provide engineering support to the V.A. and D.o.D. Designed a comprehensive analysis of 22,426 miles of oil pipelines and 1,453 wind turbines owned and operated by a large energy company that contracted us out Miscellaneous Accomplishments Presidents List for Perfect A's with a Full Course Load, Lamar University (Spring 2020) Founding officer and secretary of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Lamar University Space Settlement Design International Champion as Participant (2013) Space Settlement Design National Champion as both CEO (2019) and participant (2014, 2013) Judge in Mars Rover Celebration (2016) Stuff I am Going to Do: Finish PPL (September/October 2020) Tailwheel Endorsement (Aug 2020) Retake TBAS hoping to increase PCSM score by 10 or more points Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Houston Aerobatic Training FAA First Class Medical Join Civil Air Patrol If I am going for something pointy and fast, What are my chances currently? What would they be with the planned stuff? What are any recommendations to be better?
  4. Thank You! I definitely understand the challenges involved in getting into TPS from both a guard and AD perspective, I'm glad to know that it's still an open door from the guard side!
  5. This is honestly a pretty simple question, however a lot of stuff I've heard on this topic doesn't seem to be credible to me. Are ANG pilots eligible to attend TPS, and if they are how much of an uphill battle is it? Of all the test pilots I know, all of them did it through the AD (however I have a skewed sample of astronauts living right in Clear Lake within Houston). I am just curious to know if this is possible or not. Thanks! -Patrick Krueger
  6. Appreciate the opportunity to visit you guys again and the opportunity to apply for a pilot slot! -Patrick Krueger
  7. whew Nellie, when contrasted with more than 125 grand, 6 thousand sounds like chump change. Although I think I found a way based on some old stocks I have that I can afford it through clever budgeting, I just have to be careful.
  8. I probably could, fair point. Although it's also likely the flight school will be closed.
  9. This is interesting to me, a friend of mine in med school and I (an engineering student) saw this research and may look into making some gear to mitigate these risks. I don't want to post all the details on the internet, but this is something that probably will be addressed in the near future.
  10. Yeah since I will probably be working a 9-5 M-F internship. So I can spend my Saturdays and Sundays flying!
  11. Yeah that sounds like a solid plan too, I can surely trade some elbow grease for flight lessons!
  12. Good idea as well, don't spend money on things I can do on Microsoft Flight Sim
  13. I know I enjoy flying since I got a ride in an old T-6 Texan and loved ever minute of it! That is very solid advice for sure though.
  14. there is one place near my house that would cost approximately $6500 to get a license. However, I have real questions about the quality of maintenance performed on their planes.
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