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  1. Good scores, great flying experience, great leadership, great volunteer experience, great GPA and major, and age is fine. You're a strong candidate with a solid background. Get a solid resume, cover letter, and LOR's and you're good to go. Definitely visit and rush the unit if you have an opportunity to do so and they'll allow it to give yourself the best chance. Good luck!
  2. Hey, all. I’m a recent off-the-street hire. I received the call first week in November and was told to reach out to the recruiter. I contacted the recruiter and he told me that we would tell the retention manager to reach out to me with instructions, and if I didn’t hear from him to let him know. It’s been a few weeks now and I haven’t heard anything. I follow up about once a week with the recruiter to tell him I still haven’t been contacted by the retention manager and every time he says he’ll reach out again. Is it normal to wait this long for even the first set of instructions? I don’t mind the whole “hurry up and wait” of it all, but I haven’t even started filling out any paperwork to start processing so I feel like time is being wasted. Should I keep waiting for the recruiter or try to find the contact information of the retention manager and reach out to him myself?
  3. Good suggestion. I'm looking into an Apple watch myself.
  4. Hi everyone, With the holidays coming up I thought it would be a good time to post this question for anyone who would like to buy a gift for a friend/family member that will soon be attending OTS/TFOT or UPT, or for themselves if they have friends/family asking what they would like for gifts this year and would like to suggest something that would be useful in their upcoming training. So what are some good gift ideas or things that you wished you had while at OTS or UPT that would be useful for someone who will be attending sometime in the future? Thanks, and happy holidays to all!
  5. Anybody got word from the 109th AW in NY? Been about a month since applications were due. I tried reaching out to the POC but she said she didn’t know when boards would happen.
  6. FYI, Interview invites went out for 193rd. Boards are on Friday.
  7. Does anybody have any updates on Reno (192nd) or Charlotte (156th)?
  8. "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" - Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott
  9. It's going to be hard. It's going to take a lot of time and effort and it will be an uphill battle. But it's not impossible. If you've read through these forums you may have come across the guy that got picked up at 36, so it HAS happened before. Based on your research, do you feel like you can put together a competitive package? Do you have flight time? Good work experience? Scores? GPA? I would say your best odds of getting picked up is to start visiting the units and letting them get to know you. If the unit likes you enough and knows you pretty well they will be more inclined to overlook your age and be willing to go through the work of getting you an age waiver. I'm a 30-year-old non-prior and just recently completed my PPL. I've been applying to guard units for over a year now. Had a few interviews but haven't been selected yet, so it's tough even for people within the age bracket. I'm hoping for better luck this year though with the foundation that I started laying last year visiting places. That's the best advice I can give you at this point with my limited experience. Hopefully someone who has been hired can also chime in. Best of luck to you! Edit: Also, it's probably going to be more difficult now with the Coronavirus issues going on. Most units are not allowing visitations. I'm not sure what the fallout will be as far as pilot sections as a result of this.
  10. To answer your question, I actually started flight training in 2008 when I graduated high school. I went to college as a pro-pilot major but after one year it became apparent that it was too expensive to pursue doing it through college. So I flew about 66 hours back then and then I transferred schools to study engineering. I restarted flight training about a year ago after paying off student loans and saving up a pot of money to pull from for the flight training. Got my PPL in another 68 hours and passed the check ride on the first try. After 10 years I'd say I basically started from scratch, so in reality it's basically a 68-hr PPL even though my total time is double that. I explain all this in my cover letter as well because I'm sure the pilot boards would be wondering the same thing. Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure I can chalk up the first few of those no-hire interviews to poor interview performance just because I wasn't sure what to expect. But I have been asking for feedback and have been working on sharpening those skills. Some of the other slots were lost to guys who were already interviewing a second time or have been in touch with and rushing the unit for longer than I have. I'm hoping to have the advantage at some of these units I'll be reapplying to this year and showing up for the second time.
  11. Hey all, It's been about a year of applying for me. I've been able to get a few interviews at various heavy units last year, but the rejections far outweigh the interview offers, and haven't been offered a slot at any of the units I interviewed with. I'm looking to get some feedback to see where I stand and how I can improve my odds for the upcoming year. To get the basic stats out of the way: Age: 30 AFOQT: Pilot: 98, Nav: 85, ACAD: 93, Verbal: 91, Quant: 98 PCSM: 99 Degree/Major: B.S. & M.S. in Civil Engineering. Undergrad GPA: 3.51, Grad GPA: 3.10. LORs: Project manager (direct supervisor), managing principal of my office, flight instructor. Experience: Working as a licensed structural engineer in NYC for 5 years. Leadership: I'm a senior project engineer at the company I work for so I am responsible for managing project progression and I have junior engineers working under me. Besides that, some minor club leadership roles while in college over 5 years ago but I'm not sure if that's worth mentioning. Flight Time: 135.1 hrs with a fresh new PPL. Activities: Played some college tennis, rock climb, hike/camp, weight-lift, etc. But most of my time is now devoted to flight training on weekends. Non-prior service. The PPL is probably the biggest update since the last year. Just two weekends ago in February I passed my PPL check ride and finally got my private pilot's license. I jumped straight into instrument training the next day and am working through ground school. I'm hoping that having the license in-hand on my applications makes a difference this year. I've asked a few friends I've met along the way last year for feedback on my resume and cover letter and I feel like they are fairly strong. If anyone has the time and is willing to give some more feedback, I can PM you the files. It seems like the pool of candidates is getting tougher and tougher at every board or unit that I rush. There's lot's of prior service applicants or civilian professional pilots with tons of flight time, there are applicants younger than I am with more ratings, and it seems like the quantity of applications is always increasing because the information about opportunities in the ANG and AFRC is more widely disseminated than it used to be. I'm definitely going to keep working at it and continue to do whatever I can but I'd be lying if I said the number of rejections don't get a person down on occasion, especially the ones you really had your heart set on and did everything thought you could. So I'm hoping to get some feedback in order to stay competitive for the next year and hopefully land a slot this year. In general, I understand I'm fairly competitive for heavies on paper. How competitive is this for fighters? Thanks to this forum for all the information thus far and thank you in advance for any feedback.
  12. From Bogidope: Resume College Transcripts FAA Certificates Last Page of Logbook 3 Letters of Recommendation Last three EPRs or OPRs (prior or current military members only) AFOQT & TBAS Scores Current Photo Also include in your email body: Name, PCSM Score, AFOQT Scores, total flight hours, Phone number, Address, Age, and GPA.
  13. I sent my package in a few weeks ago and I got a response email saying, "thank you for your application." There was no mention of a new board date, but I wasn't in touch with the unit when they sent out the email about postponing the boards.
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