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  1. I just got some routine bloodwork done with my PCP for an annual physical and the results showed higher than average ALA aminotransferase and aspartate aminotrans numbers. Some later blood work and an ultrasound eliminated some common/serious causes (not hepatitis, diabetes, etc) but doctors are recommending a biopsy to figure out what the cause could be. Besides that no other abnormalities on the blood tests and I am in good, healthy physical condition. No drug use or significant medical history besides an appendectomy. I’m currently waiting for the 6-month post-LASIK period to even go to MEPS but I wanted to ask if this is something that that can potentially raise some flags at MEPS or flight physicals when I am able to go? Is it a disqualifying condition? (29-year-old male if that matters)
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the perspective. Definitely gives me something to think about with flying heavies. By the way, if anyone from the 731st in Colorado Springs sees this and is willing to shoot me a PM, I’ve tried calling and emailing the unit with the Bogidope info but haven’t had much luck. Would love to visit the unit and apply.
  3. C-5 would be awesome. I've been getting my application ready for the 709th as well since seeing it on Bogidope. I would love to fly that thing. I got an interview with Reno actually and I see they do a lot of forest firefighting. I've actually considered that as a long-term flight goal for myself for a while if the opportunity ever presented itself. That seems like very cool flying too.
  4. Sounds like the Herc is a fun one to fly. What about the C-17? Does that one combine turbine power of a jet with the flying of the airlift missions? Any experience in that one?
  5. I've read through a chunk of the "How do you feel about your airframe and mission" post in the general discussion but that forum seems to be more focused on deployments and lifestyle. I'd like to get a little more information on the flying specifically. Things like maneuvers, challenges, cool experiences in flight, that sort of thing. Just want to get a better feel for the actual pilotage of the aircraft and missions. YouTube has some videos of the interesting stuff like airdrops and flare shows and fighter refuels, but I know that's basically a highlight reel. It seems like the C-130 is an exciting plane to fly from the forum post. Basically, where this question is coming from is my hope of being a fighter pilot wrestling with the reality that I'm 29 years old, low-time, student pilot and not likely to get selected. While I would appreciate the opportunity to fly either mission, I feel like I would want to lean towards something that will satisfy the adrenaline itch a little. I've been very fortunate to get offered an interview at both a refueling unit and an airlift unit this round and I wanted a a better idea of which would suit me better and which to pursue further. I would like to do some challenging technical flying in my career. Hope that makes sense.
  6. I was hoping to get some input from the heavy pilots into the differences between the type of flying involved with airlift missions and air refueling missions and some pro/cons of each. Which is more interesting or fun to fly? I assume refueling is a lot of straight-and-level over long periods of time and airlift would involve a little more finessed flying but that’s just my impression as an outside observer. I’ve been submitting applications to both types trying to get a heavy slot. I’d like to know a little more about the ins-and-outs and the subtleties that people might not know about. What you like or dislike, etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. This is all very insightful information. Thank you all for your responses.
  8. I have a general question about flight training with the military translating into the civilian world. If someone enters UPT without a license and works their way through flight school, do they earn instrument ratings, multi engine ratings, etc. just like they would in the civilian world? How would that be applied if they don’t have a PPL? Are they automatically applied to their civilian ratings or would a pilot have to sit for a written/oral/practical exam as a civilian as well? I’m assuming the knowledge is the same or very similar. Military pilots have to know how to fly instrument approaches and multi engine aircraft. As a follow-up, does a military pilot require a commercial license as well? They are being paid to fly. Or is there an exception for the military? How does this translate to civilian? Thanks in advance for any input!
  9. Is anybody here from the 174th Air Refueling Squadron in Sioux City? I was offered an interview and I wanted to reach out to someone to get a feel for the area.
  10. Congrats on getting a callback! Good luck on the interview.
  11. I applied but haven't heard back. Did they do callbacks yet?
  12. Thanks, Iceborn! What kind of unit picked you up, heavy or fighter?
  13. I’ve been hearing recently that the age limit increased to 33. Is it true?
  14. An update on my original post. I took my TBAS on Monday and got my scores back today: PCSM: 97 with 68 hours 98 with 81-100 hours 99 with 101-200 hours 99 with 201+ hours. Hopefully, that's competitive enough despite my age.
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