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  1. Hi all, I would like to apply for the various UPT slots this spring. I am 28 years old and civilian, turning 29 in March which is prior to many of the upcoming boards. My only military experience is a semester of AFROTC as a freshman in college 10 years ago. I did sit for the AFOQT during that time though and I was able to find my score. I'm currently working as a structural engineer. I have a master's degree and good GPA's. Hoping to apply for a fighter slot. I'd like to try until I hit 30 and then apply for heavies. I would appreciate any feedback on my info below. Also, I had a question about the AFOQT scores. Will the boards care that I took them in 2009 and didn't retake them again this year? I think my scores are pretty good and I'm a little worried about the risk of them dropping since the most recent one counts. Regarding flight time, I used to be an aviation major my freshman year (hence, the AFROTC). I had about 66hrs logged and was about to get signoff on cross country solo but the semester ended and I had to go back home. Due to financial reasons (2008 recession), I transferred to an in-state school and majored in engineering. I plan on starting again soon (flight scheduled for this weekend) and will try to wrap up a PPL ASAP, but I do not have one yet, although I have soloed. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 98 Nav: 85 Acad: 93 Verbal: 81 Quant: 98 Should I retake given they are 10 years old? TBAS: Not taken yet, scheduled for Feb 25th. Flight time: 66hrs (w/solo, no PPL, 10 years ago) GPA's: BS Undergrad 3.40 (-ish) / MS Grad 3.20 (-ish), Majored in Civil Engineering [apologies, my transcripts are not in front of me but they are in that range] LORS: 1. CEO of the company I work for (Professional) 2. My direct supervisor (Professional) 3. Co-worker and climbing friend. I figured he can write about my personality and dependability as I've had his life literally hanging in my hands before. Thanks in advance for feedback!