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  1. I have a general question about flight training with the military translating into the civilian world. If someone enters UPT without a license and works their way through flight school, do they earn instrument ratings, multi engine ratings, etc. just like they would in the civilian world? How would that be applied if they don’t have a PPL? Are they automatically applied to their civilian ratings or would a pilot have to sit for a written/oral/practical exam as a civilian as well? I’m assuming the knowledge is the same or very similar. Military pilots have to know how to fly instrument approaches and multi engine aircraft. As a follow-up, does a military pilot require a commercial license as well? They are being paid to fly. Or is there an exception for the military? How does this translate to civilian? Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Is anybody here from the 174th Air Refueling Squadron in Sioux City? I was offered an interview and I wanted to reach out to someone to get a feel for the area.
  3. Congrats on getting a callback! Good luck on the interview.
  4. I applied but haven't heard back. Did they do callbacks yet?
  5. Thanks, Iceborn! What kind of unit picked you up, heavy or fighter?
  6. I’ve been hearing recently that the age limit increased to 33. Is it true?
  7. An update on my original post. I took my TBAS on Monday and got my scores back today: PCSM: 97 with 68 hours 98 with 81-100 hours 99 with 101-200 hours 99 with 201+ hours. Hopefully, that's competitive enough despite my age.
  8. Is anybody having trouble accessing the scores this week? I took the TBAS on Monday and the detachment told me my scores should be posted but I keep getting to that white screen with "If your scores are not posted here click this link". I've been trying for two days. Is the site down? EDIT: It's back up. Got my scores.
  9. Hi all, I would like to apply for the various UPT slots this spring. I am 28 years old and civilian, turning 29 in March which is prior to many of the upcoming boards. My only military experience is a semester of AFROTC as a freshman in college 10 years ago. I did sit for the AFOQT during that time though and I was able to find my score. I'm currently working as a structural engineer. I have a master's degree and good GPA's. Hoping to apply for a fighter slot. I'd like to try until I hit 30 and then apply for heavies. I would appreciate any feedback on my info below. Also, I had a question about the AFOQT scores. Will the boards care that I took them in 2009 and didn't retake them again this year? I think my scores are pretty good and I'm a little worried about the risk of them dropping since the most recent one counts. Regarding flight time, I used to be an aviation major my freshman year (hence, the AFROTC). I had about 66hrs logged and was about to get signoff on cross country solo but the semester ended and I had to go back home. Due to financial reasons (2008 recession), I transferred to an in-state school and majored in engineering. I plan on starting again soon (flight scheduled for this weekend) and will try to wrap up a PPL ASAP, but I do not have one yet, although I have soloed. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 98 Nav: 85 Acad: 93 Verbal: 81 Quant: 98 Should I retake given they are 10 years old? TBAS: Not taken yet, scheduled for Feb 25th. Flight time: 66hrs (w/solo, no PPL, 10 years ago) GPA's: BS Undergrad 3.51 / MS Grad 3.10, Majored in Civil Engineering [apologies, my transcripts are not in front of me but they are in that range] LORS: 1. CEO of the company I work for (Professional) 2. My direct supervisor (Professional) 3. Co-worker and climbing friend. I figured he can write about my personality and dependability as I've had his life literally hanging in my hands before. Thanks in advance for feedback!
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