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  1. Thanks man. Appreciate what you do for this forum.
  2. Hey guys. So I’m a current rated C-17 pilot. I just had a contact exam and they upped my contact prescription to -3.0 power in both eyes. Said vision was 20/200 but easily corrected to 20/20 and no issues. My question is how does this usually play out if/when my eyes worsen from this point?? I read that -3.0 is the limit for pilots. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ayz33, I can’t wait to hear how your attitude pans out in UPT.
  4. I had a sub 20 PCSM and was DG. All 3 of those in my class who washed out had decent PCSM scores.
  5. I had a similar PCSM and took the TBAS. My PCSM didn’t change. I only had one flight hour when I applied as well. Don’t be too discouraged if your score doesn’t change and remains low. Apply everywhere you can and be a bro and you can still get picked up with luck. You are probably out of the running for a fighter slot though. Also consider joining a guard unit. A PCSM score in no way is a direct reflection of your performance in UPT.
  6. Graduated UPT -Jan19 FTU and Sere Dates start this month back to back. Seasoning days to follow 3 year process start to finish for me. If you apply, expect having to be patient. It is worth it though. Don’t let your scores keep you from applying to a unit. The PCSM is in no way a direct reflection of how you will perform at UPT.
  7. You have a decent shot in my opinion. I was picked up with one flight hour and PCSM of 12. Apply everywhere and be a bro. You’ll be fine.
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