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  1. I'm a September 2020 start date as well. Unsure of base, CSS was out the door, but I'm currently permanent party at Vance so... Edit: yep I'm at Vance. Anyone want any living situation or any SA on the base itself hit me up. I love it here so far, leadership is phenomenal.
  2. I was a DQ from ROTC that got waived for this board. I don't have any RIPs or anything in my CDB. Assuming I don't have to go back?
  3. Yeah Columbus is the worst right now. I'm at Vance as a Weather Officer and it's not tooooo horrible here, but I just hear how Columbus is the furthest backed up in every meeting I'm in about the subject.
  4. UPT select! 89 PCSM, 99 AFOQT P, 3.3 GPA, 2/3 for the Wing, and PPL with 120 hours
  5. Our Group Chief just happened to walk through and he's asking the Vice Wing right now. Just so happens our Wing CC is out this week. I think Wing CC get the notification, but anyone on their staff can pull it, or should be able to. That's how it was explained to me. Edit: you work in the medical field? Nice name lol
  6. 89 PCSM, PPL... Reapplication from a previous Med DQ for me. Hoping for pilot!
  7. I know some people who can barely fog a mirror that are going to UPT... ridiculous. Glad they're shutting that down.
  8. I know ROTC couldn't even fill all the slots they had allocated... So...
  9. This is exactly what I was told as well. I'm sure somewhere along the line someone at AFPC can disregard the acceptance, but I see that as highly unlikely without special training under your belt that they don't want to lose.
  10. DEROS and your current career field should not matter when it comes to this board. Someone lied to you last year. I got confirmation on this from both my assignments officer and the board GS-13.
  11. Hey dude! Yep I am lol. I think you should be good to get it done, but you need to start now. If they do what they did last year and allow medicals that were complete just without the SG signature, you should be good. That being said, get into your Flight Med ASAP. I know you're a shift worker as well so it can be a little hard, but just get in there and get your stuff started. I needed a waiver and it took about 4 weeks on AD to get one. The SG signature while I was still in ROTC took like 2 months. Personally, I think if you start now you should be golden but you can't put it off any further. Lemme know if you need anything else!
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