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  1. Well the biggest thing is that UPT 2.5 is going to be ~7 months until you're a winged pilot versus ~12. Only 96 hours in the T-6 and you're winged. You can technically speed up that process as far as I'm aware, but you have to be good. We also have a "early access" program. Essentially what this means is that you can complete all of your academics in the 3 weeks prior to your class start date. This then allows you to get on the flight line and ride sims/flights on a Space-A basis. Oh, and the "class" structure is demolished... no more class patches, for example.
  2. Hey! Same class and Vance as well. I'll DM you my info.
  3. Who did you quote this from? I can fix this UPT issue pretty easy. Fire the few racist and sexist sim instructors. Don't even tell me there's not - because there are quite a few. I've had plenty of friends go through and deal with it, including my wife, who was told "women shouldn't be pilots."
  4. Way easier to go non rated to pilot. If you're already rated it's very hard to cross to pilot. Not impossible, but hard. Just go on myPers and look at the previous PSDMs for the board's release. Most of the people getting picked up are not rated. You can apply whenever you want. You have to have 1 year TIS before PCSing to your new training. Being that this board isn't till the late fall, you should be fine to apply this year. Feel free to shoot me any questions. I'm weather and got picked up on last year's board.
  5. Hey guys. Update on UPT 2.5 from what I know. To lead, I have no idea if any other base is doing this or if it's just Vance. Was just briefed we're starting UPT 2.5 in July. The timeline is going to be T-6s to Wings in about 7 months. Heavies will find out both airframe and location at/before graduation. Fighter/bombers will continue on in the T-38 to do IFF and some B-Course related stuff. Unsure of their timeframe and exactly what they're going to be doing. As I'm sure we're all aware, the AF is trying to get rid of the T-1. Well, this is where they're starting. Looks like
  6. Yeah, only those directly involved can attend. IE, the class and family
  7. They've already cancelled drop nights here at KEND. I personally think XCs are next. So, yeah, we're gonna get shoved back.
  8. My wife was a stud there about a year ago. Hunt housing is the cancer center of the whole on base housing mold and failure to comply issues. The issue is, living in Del Rio is easily 20 minutes to the gate. Take that as you will. Plenty of people do live in town, but it can be a drive for some folks. Internet is fine, it is what it is. It's spectrum AFAIK and they just try and nickel and dime you for everything after awhile. So I worked in Del Rio and Uvalde before I went AD and lived there with my wife. Their HS is okay, a lot of my coworkers went there. It's not the best
  9. Yeah exactly... So obviously just all 'briefing' timelines, probably 22 or 23 to be realistic.
  10. Little bit of a gouge here for you. This was briefed at Vance a little while ago: UPT 3.0 is going to be with the T-7. That's planned for a 2021 takeover. With the T-7, they're going to be giving wings BEFORE entering that airframe. IE, if you want to track fighters, then you're going to be in a T-6 for 8ish months, get winged, then hit the T-7 for like 6-8 (undetermined now) months then go to a shortened B-Course. UPT 2.5, which is the "Banzai" classes they keep doing, is going to become a real thing come this June. It's essentially going to be the shortened syllabus with more pract
  11. I'm a September 2020 start date as well. Unsure of base, CSS was out the door, but I'm currently permanent party at Vance so... Edit: yep I'm at Vance. Anyone want any living situation or any SA on the base itself hit me up. I love it here so far, leadership is phenomenal.
  12. I was a DQ from ROTC that got waived for this board. I don't have any RIPs or anything in my CDB. Assuming I don't have to go back?
  13. Yeah Columbus is the worst right now. I'm at Vance as a Weather Officer and it's not tooooo horrible here, but I just hear how Columbus is the furthest backed up in every meeting I'm in about the subject.
  14. UPT select! 89 PCSM, 99 AFOQT P, 3.3 GPA, 2/3 for the Wing, and PPL with 120 hours
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