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  1. Does anyone have a good guess as to when the boards will meet this year?
  2. Can anyone post a picture of the UPT select statistics? In terms of PCSM and PPL?
  3. Under projected course on my SURF, I have two separate codes with two different start dates (April and May 2019). What does that mean?
  4. Where/how do we accept the assignment? I haven’t received the notification through the assignment system.
  5. Has anyone gotten their UPT dates and base yet? I got my IFT one on the Career Data Brief page.
  6. Does anyone know if we’ll have to go to Wright-Patt for another Flight Physcial before training?
  7. Can anyone estimate what the backlog is in the pipeline to go to IFT then UPT?
  8. Yes. Just didn’t know how people are notified because I haven’t seen a list, just told I was accepted into UPT.
  9. No they did not, they notified my O-6 and he told me. They are not “allowed” to tell you directly.
  10. UPT select! Pulled from AFPC Secure by our MPF and was notified by my O-6. I have a 2-Star CC who wasn’t even notified before my directorate Commander (the O-6). Good luck everyone!
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