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  1. Haha nah not in the slightest, great guys and gals at that interview, I’m sure the selectees will do great
  2. Email just went out for SC, congrats to those selected
  3. Email. All the candidates in one, it would appear. Sorry, if you didn't get it. Good luck to those who did.
  4. This sounds right, a friend of mine just graduated UPT for the HH-60 and was sent from NM. Not sure about CVs but 60s are at least an option, and the SAR mission they do is really cool. Get to work with some really swoopy ground guys doing that job.
  5. Apparently somewhere in the course of that drill weekend in April the interviews got moved up to 4-5 May. They aren’t doing visits that weekend anymore, they’re doing interviews. That must have changed after they sent emails to people asking if they wanted to come visit, would be my guess. See Ayz’s post above.
  6. SC invites went out today. Congrats to those selected and good luck!
  7. Good to know. Also I was a day off on my first post, it’s 4-5 May for that weekend, for those keeping score. Lol
  8. A few of us got replies from SC last weekend asking to come visit during their May drill, which is 3-4 May, so I’d assume they’ll send interview invites out after that weekend. Not 100% sure though. No idea on JAX.
  9. I didn’t either and got a first-round interview. I emailed a few months ago and they said they weren’t doing visits. Some guys knew that and went anyway, judging from a post on here, and I’m curious as to whether that helped or hurt. Anyway congrats to all who got interviews, and best of luck!
  10. Westfield? Notifications went out weeks ago for Westfield.
  11. (disclaimer: also currently applying, so take this with a grain of salt) Yea man, your stuff looks good, would recommend taking the AFOQT and TBAS asap. If you have the means to start rushing it definitely wont hurt, especially with your age. If you can push all the required components together in a packet during the fall of your senior year and start really seriously applying in the spring that's likely your best bet timeline-wise. You're working against the clock (but I feel like a lot of dudes are right now for whatever reason), so like I said have your app totally ready to go by your last semester and start blasting it then. Other than that, GPA looks good. Keep on the grind. Like the other dudes on here said, see if theres a local ROTC at a university somewhat close by and just walk into their office or call up and tell them you want to take the AFOQT and TBAS. I'd do that sooner rather than later. I went that route and it turns out they only offer the AFOQT once a semester, which for you could hurt your your timeline. I took both in the span of 2 weeks at the local ROTC detachment and didn't talk to a recruiter once to get it done. Also, "needing to be close to graduation to take the AFOQT" is BS, you can take that test whenever you like. I will say though that you should do a good amount of test prep so you can crush it in the first go-around. Look at the forums on here, get the Baron's study guide, and make sure you practice the sections TIMED. You have to wait 6 months to re-take it and if you don't do really well on your first shot it'll hurt your chances pretty bad, on both an application and timeline front. Honestly, getting on here has provided way better info than any recruiter would be able to for this process, for whatever reason. Especially if you're planning on going ANG, since the recruiters don't seem to touch your packet until the unit agrees to give you a slot. They're usually great people with good intentions, but it seems like they're kinda lacking in the background for whatever reason to get dudes into the ANG UPT pipe. Take the tests ASAP, and keep working the PPL, you're on glideslope otherwise.
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