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  1. So I got picked up for the RPA Pipeline off of this last UFT Board for Air Force Officers (I’m currently a 62E at AFRL). Thanks for this detailed description of the pipeline, it’s very informative. Couple Questions for the group: 1. What are you referring to when you’re talking about “Reviewing the Boldface and Ops Limits” 2. Is there a better resource for IFT Reporting Instructions than what’s included in my RIP. The site: ETCA.Randolph.af.mil doesn’t appear to get me anywhere 3. Any other advice/reading/ prep you have for getting ready for these courses. I’ll admit that corporate Air Force here in Acquisitions has taken me far from a training environment. Very excited for the opportunities ahead but I’m wondering where there best resources are for success besides this forum and connections with people in the community. Thanks!
  2. Where were you able to see your IFT dates? Any guys for RFT able to see their dates yet? All I see from my CDB on vMPF is my 18 Dec date for MFS Wondering if it won’t show until after my MFS... Thanks all, this thread is a great resource
  3. So sounds like you’re applying to a rated board through OTS? I can’t speak authoritatively to that but what I can say is that this board is different. It’s for already Active Duty Air Force Officers who are trying to switch into (or between) rated career fields. The announcement came in May, Applications were due in August, our board met in September, we’re getting Commander notifications this week, and the full list will be released next Friday... that about sums up this one. I think there are other threads on this forum though that speak to the OTS App process a lot better. good luck bro!
  4. URT PCSM: 55 (No PPL - 11 hrs) AFOQT: P-74 C-44 AA-82 V-81 Q-74 GPA: 2.74 in EE Good luck y’all!
  5. I would think that since they are based out of San Antonio that it’d be safe to assume it’ll be first thing in the morning (0700- 0800ish) UCT. That’s pure speculation though
  6. So I received a call back from AFPC! - ~300 applicants with ~ 200 total slots - 50/50 split between Pilot/RPA & CSO/ABM - “Most everyone who received a slot got their first or second choice” (that’s the line that caught my attention) - No emails will be sent from the APFC side to those who didn’t get picked up, so we’ll all have to wait -Commander Notification will come out via AFPC Secure to FSS’s first thing Thursday Morning. It’s on the FSS to check Not sure if this is new or useful to any of y’all but just wanted to put it out there. Here’s to next Thursday!
  7. Exciting times man...I tried calling the numbers on the PDSM to see if I get anything on: 1. advanced notification via email for those who didn’t get picked up. (I thought that’s what happened last year) 2. Gouge on slots, applicants and what not If anyone has contacts at AFPC, I’m sure we’d all love that kind of info to help weather expectations for next week. Good luck everyone!
  8. For those of us on the VML for the 2020 Summer Assignment Cycle, if we were to be picked up on this board, would we expect to be off of this on Talent Market Place next week?
  9. If we were selected for something would our specific training be reflected on our SURF’s for “projected training”? I’ve got nothing there. However, under “Service Commitment Dates”, I do have something that says 20 June 2019 Permanent Change of Station. For context I’m a 2d Lt who arrived on station very close to that date in 2017.
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