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  1. lucky38

    Upcoming Boards

    The 159th FS in Jacksonville recently announced their spring UPT board on their site. Applications are due March 1. https://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Portals/16/documents/Officer Vacancies/UPT Commissioning DSG 19-02A.pdf?ver=2019-02-08-200008-450
  2. lucky38

    IFT deadline?

    I got hired by a guard unit a few months back, and just went through my FC1. I am still working on finishing my PPL. It's tough with budget and job schedule, but I'd like to finish so I don't have to go to IFT. Does anyone know if there is a cutoff time between not having your PPL and whoever signs you up (unit, NGB, other?) to go to IFT? For example, if you don't finish your PPL within 30 days of your OTS dates, you have to attend IFT. Or something like that. Thanks