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    ANG 5 Yr commissioned waiver?

    Just became aware that this could possibly be an issue due to the timeline for UPT in the Guard and Reserves... Does anyone out there have any advice on the ETP letter? - Like others have said I would like to have a letter written ahead of time to make is easier on squadrons that may want to select me for a UPT slot. For those with any insight, as for a legitimate case?? Would the extensive timeline leading up to UPT count? My 5 year Federal Commissioned Service Date will be AUG19, right before most squadrons are sending UPT candidates out. The actual reason this is an issue is that I began my military service in the army as an enlisted soldier and never had exposure to how amazing aviation is! Other than a horrifying flight to basic training lol. Now that I've become an Officer and earned a degree in engineering, I'm able to afford more expensive hobbies... Earned my PPL right after returning from a deployment this year and that's when I realized I wanted to fly for the Air Force. Any advice is appreciated!