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  1. 137 Airlift Squadron, is hiring for C-17 UPT. I was picked up at the last board.; no PPL. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you plan on visiting. https://bogidope.com/job-posting/137th-airlift-squadron-4/
  2. I haven't heard anything yet. When I visited they said they wanted to get it out before the next drill.
  3. I didn't see it under jobs or on bogiedope but the 155 ARW is holding a board. https://ne.ng.mil/Resource/Lists/TraditionalJobAnnouncements/Attachments/2383/Nebraska Worldwide UPT announcement 2018.pdf
  4. Had a KC-135 board today: Tell us about yourself Did you do anything in town last night Tell us about a stressful situation What do you think makes a good candidate on paper. Followed up with what makes a good leader *Read weather report* What do you think UPT is like How do you take criticism How do you feel being a role model not only as a female pilot but as one of the few female officers on the base Scenario: You're a new co pilot and your AC/Boom get into a huge fight at a bar, the next day they aren't talking. How do you handle it? Tell us how you got your call sign Why did you get a D in immunology What lets you see in the dark, rods or cones What are the lights on the aircraft and where are there Tell us about winning Airman of the year for your state I was fortunate enough to get feedback before I even reported out. Just breathe and be yourself, getting the job is great but more importantly you want a unit that likes you for who you are! Good luck on your boards!!!
  5. Can we just make a thread where we all post our terrible videos, watch them, and then make fun of each other over a beer that weekend?
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