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  1. Is there a waiver to take the PCSM a 3rd time like you can with the AFOQT?
  2. Bogidope said fighter squadrons require higher pcsm than heavy squadron. Is there any truth to this?
  3. Do you guys know which fighter squadrons don't allow their postings on Bogidope? I know Boise doesn't let them post, any others such as Ohio or other units?
  4. Dang not much faith there, we all know how much recruiters know on topics such as these...
  5. Blessed up in here guys, hope is back! We got time brothers the clock has been reset. This is such awesome news!
  6. That's nuts! Does this mean this automatically flows down to Guard and Reserve units as well?
  7. Let's make a list of fighter units that are currently hiring. Do any of these units allow visiting before turning in the application? And does anyone know if they only hire from within? How many people do they plan on hiring this year? And lastly do you have to visit to get an interview? Indiana Florida DC Vermont South Carolina Missouri New Jersey Louisiana Wisconsin
  8. I bet they will send us rejections in a week or so, or maybe none. Invites always go out first.
  9. I would wager we get an answer this weekend or early next week. Anything before that is just a bonus!
  10. I wonder if they will personally mail customized rejection letters to us.
  11. Oklahoma you have to live near the base, pretty sure minimal to none of the pilots have other jobs other than full time AGR, so they don't really want to hear about being part-time with airline, mostly because none of them do it and they want 100% committed guy in their squadron. This mostly pertains to OK though.
  12. I reported the CFI, apparently she was trying to teach in 2 schools at once so there was a lot of drama. As for my career, I'm putting applications on hold until I get this figured out, and re-test. The dream is still there but I need to put in way more time if I want it to happen. I appreciate all of your advice and support. What are you talking about? I downvoted him because he badgered me for my school, CFI, and DPE then ghosted me and is ignoring me. Gave him a lot of personal info and now he's just being silent with me. Punk move. Also I was playing around with you because that video was hilarious, if you didn't get that joke. Get a grip bro, you aren't a special FBI agent who just discovered the smoking gun!
  13. Well dude, just because it didn't happen to you didn't mean it didn't happen. The ECAC in Nashua has a horrendous reputation. The one in Bedford has an excellent reputation. I would never recommend anyone to go to the one in Nashua, but I could recommend the one in Bedford. And my CFI is very dramatic and I'm now seeing she is a very bad one. I'll just PM you the details, don't want too much to be public.
  14. Would you mind sharing your scores so we can compare packages? Would you mind sharing your scores so we can compare packages?
  15. Welp, time to get the waiver to retake the AFOQT a third time. I've already scheduled to retake the TBAS here soon. Thanks man I appreciate it. I think my old school is a scam artists dream. I've scheduled a mock check ride with my new school and we will see how that goes. I really hope to report back with good news and maybe even secure that Wisconsin interview slot next year :)
  16. Did you get feedback from them? Did you get any feedback?
  17. You're right. Looks like barely any of my hours transfer to the part 141 school I was talking to for legal reasons. Just a few more flights though I know I can do this and push through. East Coast Aero Club in Nashua New Hampshire. Awful club I can't recommend it to anyone. I've also talked to a lot of other people and they have the same sentiment about the club. No one likes it. No, I was this CFI's first student, so I'm starting to suspect she is just trying to milk me for hours so she can move onto the airlines. I had like 25 hours before my first solo and I flew like 3 times a week. My instructor would just not sign me off for solo cross country and kept doing dual cross country and night cross countries with me saying she doesn't trust me in a plane by myself. I'm confident speaking to the new school that they can get me my PPL in about 3 months with all the retraining. Can't believe I gave this school money though!
  18. Yep just failed my check ride for the 4th time with the same DPE. Didn't even set foot in the plane. We pre-flighted together and he asked me what the shimmy damper was which I didn't know at the time and failed me right then and there. CFI wants to re-do a significant amount of training with me, and wants to start doing night cross countries with me again. WTF? I showed her the ACS about how stalls need to be taken to the full extent and she said that's not true and it's downright dangerous to do that, that many students and instructors have been killed because of bringing them to the full extent of the stall. I told them that I don't feel like I've been treated fairly here and they kicked me out right then and there and told me that because of my performance that I'm not allowed in the school ever again, with any instructor! I feel absolutely robbed at this point as I have over 115 hours of flight time and I don't even have my PPL yet. And I agree 100% part 61 is garbage, I'm switching over to the part 141 school right next to them and never looking back. Thought part 61 would help by making my training more flexible but it has done nothing but give me heartache after heartache. I'll never recommend this school to anyone. Not even Chinese students.
  19. I'm not adding in any costs, that's the flat cost. Shit your tests cost as much as my re-tests. I've taken a mock check ride with a different CFI but we never did stalls during it so I passed everything else. And the schools Chief Pilot just got fired for being creepy with students so that's not a possibility. I really don't think I'm rushing but I guess I have not dedicated a full lesson to just get stalls down fully, and not only to the stall horn. I really want to prove to the boards that I can do this, hopefully they can see that it's just stalls and not my overall flying skill.
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