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  1. Do you guys know which fighter squadrons don't allow their postings on Bogidope? I know Boise doesn't let them post, any others such as Ohio or other units?
  2. Dang not much faith there, we all know how much recruiters know on topics such as these...
  3. Is it bound to flow down to guard and reserves?
  4. Blessed up in here guys, hope is back! We got time brothers the clock has been reset. This is such awesome news!
  5. That's nuts! Does this mean this automatically flows down to Guard and Reserve units as well?
  6. Let's make a list of fighter units that are currently hiring. Do any of these units allow visiting before turning in the application? And does anyone know if they only hire from within? How many people do they plan on hiring this year? And lastly do you have to visit to get an interview? Indiana Florida DC Vermont South Carolina Missouri New Jersey Louisiana Wisconsin
  7. I bet they will send us rejections in a week or so, or maybe none. Invites always go out first.
  8. I would wager we get an answer this weekend or early next week. Anything before that is just a bonus!
  9. I wonder if they will personally mail customized rejection letters to us.
  10. Oklahoma you have to live near the base, pretty sure minimal to none of the pilots have other jobs other than full time AGR, so they don't really want to hear about being part-time with airline, mostly because none of them do it and they want 100% committed guy in their squadron. This mostly pertains to OK though.
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