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  1. This board is for active duty Officers only. If you aren't already in, this doesnt apply to you.
  2. I think it depends on what kind of ADSC you have... If it's an ADSC from a commissioning source/PCS/other basic shit then it's no issue... If you have an ADSC from getting your Masters (AFIT/etc) or something along those lines, you may have to pursue a waiver. I was on station for < 1 year when I applied and was accepted w/o a waiver.
  3. That’s wild... luckily I made some bros in the nearby reserve unit, they opened up their equipment warehouse and hooked me up with all the gear I needed and their recent upt grads talked me through some questions I had.
  4. I'm in the same boat... My Wing has 1 pilot, 0 other rated. I have a pubs bag already that I was using while working towards my PPL, so I'm bringing that. I wouldn't sweat it too much, they should have everything we need (That isn't on reporting instr) on site.
  5. Yup, IFT May 30th, I'm driving from alabama...getting to the area on the 27th.
  6. I called them direct to ask bc I heard the same thing, but blues aren't on the reporting instructions. Major who answered the phone said not to bring blues, flight suits only.
  7. Has Anyone heading to IFT in May received any details on what line of accounting to use on DTS? I think we are supposed to get an email with all of those details and I haven’t received anything yet
  8. I’m an older dude, AD nonrated Capt making the move to a jet... current unit has to pay for all my gear or so I’m told. Guess my question is whether I’ll look like a boner showing up with brown boots?
  9. Hijacking the thread a bit, saw an email come down from Goldfingers today saying we can start wearing the coyote brown boots and shirts w the traditional green bag. Seems like that will look really stupid, but I’m heading to upt In 3 weeks and need to buy flight boots...
  10. No one, go to flight med and tell them you need a FC1 and they’ll schedule you. At least that’s how it went for me
  11. Looking for some info about IFT... I see day one has a fitness test, anyone know it’s its just the standard Air Force test? Making sure I run enough to not suck ass at altitude. also any recs on what to bring?
  12. Honestly I didn't study any of the other sections, so I can't answer to that.
  13. Just saw the Mypers announcement this morning... Air Force is rolling out two UFT boards for active duty officers this year and launching a new prep program for bubbas who are qualified with less than 5 flight hours. Good news all around for people applying this year.
  14. There were a couple questions where the answer was wrong in the back of the book but the number was very small, material matched what was on the test really well... that is the only study material I used
  15. I had a 40 pilot AFOQT out of USAFA because I didn’t want to fly, bought the book attached and studied for 2 weeks and got a 97. Headed to upt in October
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