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  1. Honestly I didn't study any of the other sections, so I can't answer to that.
  2. Just saw the Mypers announcement this morning... Air Force is rolling out two UFT boards for active duty officers this year and launching a new prep program for bubbas who are qualified with less than 5 flight hours. Good news all around for people applying this year.
  3. There were a couple questions where the answer was wrong in the back of the book but the number was very small, material matched what was on the test really well... that is the only study material I used
  4. I had a 40 pilot AFOQT out of USAFA because I didn’t want to fly, bought the book attached and studied for 2 weeks and got a 97. Headed to upt in October
  5. Anyone know if we need to have name tags made for our flight suits before we show to IFT? And if so is there guidance on what material/color/info that has to be on there?
  6. Question, I'm currently an active duty 1lt (prior enlised) with 6 years time in service and headed to UPT in October...will I be eligible for any continuation pay after my initial 10 year UPT commitment if I'm already at 17ish years in service?
  7. Hah so true, I'm already checked out of my current job... Have to make it all the way to October without getting fired. Current job is miserable
  8. Can't answer your question entirely, just want to point out what I've seen with my married mil-mil aviator friends... Unless you fly the same aircraft, the odds of you being stationed together is extremely poor. Air Force doesn't seem to bend much for joint spouse when both are pilots.
  9. You're right, I emailed afpc accepting and they sent a reply back that essentially said "you're an idiot leave us alone" 🙂
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