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  1. I’m current AD enlisted stationed in England and I absolutely love it. I think it’ll just depend on where your priorities lie, if you’ve got an opportunity for a 2 year tour over here I would take it. If it’s 3 or 4 I’m not sure what I’d do. Obviously makes it tougher since there’s not really a way to rush units.
  2. I received an email a few days ago asking for clarification about something in my package, nothing since then.
  3. He’s probably referring to the fact that there’s a stop movement order (even for non-local CONUS leave and TDYs) for the next 60 days.
  4. Just took my TBAS and got my PCSM. Turns out I only had 10 hours (not sure how I counted that wrong) and with my 98 Pilot I ended up with an 85 PCSM, getting up to 96 at 41 hours, 98 at 61 hours, and 99 at 81 hours. This gives me a pretty good shot, right?
  5. Hey thanks for the advice. Unfortunately for now I won’t be able to do the traditional rushing as I’m stationed in the UK, but I’ll at least apply to get my name out there. Kind of unsure how else to get my name out there other than just shooting applications which is kind of unfortunate.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Like the use of the long forgotten word sexify. Also a good idea, thank you for the advice.
  7. Does anyone have any idea whether or not it is feasible to start applying around 1.5 years before I leave AD? Even if I can’t go to open houses or any of the rushing events (I know some squadrons don’t do these), if offered an interview I could definitely fly back to the States. If I got hired say a year out, does the timeline approximately line up so that I could transition right into ANG?
  8. Hello! I just wanted to get some feedback on where I stand currently and anything I can do to help. I’m currently a SrA with a little over 3 years TIS, I’m days away from PCSing to Europe. My plan is to start applying for ANG Units my last year over there and hopefully come back stateside for a month or so to come to some drill weekends/hopefully interviews. I’m not sure if this is feasible or not but that’s the plan for now. Also, the goal is fighters. Stats: SrA 1A8X1 w/ 3 years TIS A couple of minor awards (AETC Commander’s Award, etc.) AA in Arabic from DLI w/ 3.5, Dean’s List every semester BA in Arabic Language and Culture w/ 3.66 Cumulative Right now I’ve only got 13 flight hours, but I’m in contact with a couple RAF Aero Clubs, so I’ll be obtaining my EASA PPL, which can be converted to an FAA license. I’m planning on getting my instrument rating as well. AFOQT: P 98 / N 98 / AA 95 / V 98 / Q 82 I haven’t taken the TBAS yet. 22 years old Really I guess I’m just looking for things to do other than flight hours, and also other general feedback. Thanks so much!
  9. Good morning! I'm current AD Enlisted Air Force, I just got orders to RAF Mildenhall. This is going to take me 3 years, which will be the end of my contract. My goal right now is to be able to start applying to ANG units about a year out, hopefully taking some leave and flying around the country for meet & greets/interviews (hopefully). My question: I've noticed that many units require or strongly recommend applying with a PPL. Right now I've got 13 flight hours, and I leave in 2 weeks so it's not feasible for me to hurry up and finish my PPL. I've been doing some research and it looks like instruction over there is much more expensive. There's an option that I found over there to fly three-axis Microlights, like the Ikarus C-42, for a significantly cheaper hourly price. This grants you an NPPL, which basically allows VFR flight within the UK. Here's a link that, although older, seems to detail the differences between the EASA PPL and the NPPL: http://tobeapilot.co.uk/nppl-lapl-and-ppl-what-is-the-difference/ I assume it'd be better for me to get the EASA PPL, which is the standardized and recognized license across the EU, but I wanted to check and make sure as this NPPL seems like it'd be the perfect option for me to build hours and have some fun while I'm in the UK. Thanks for reading!
  10. Congrats on getting selected, that’s awesome! I’ve already got the AFOQT scheduled and everything, and the degree should be done by August of next year. I guess if there’s no way to kinda transition right into a UPT slot without palace chasing first I’m probably gonna have to go active, or wait 3 years for my ADSC to finish. I haven’t heard of anyone in my AFSC getting approved for palace chase. Also, did you feel limited when you palace chase to your unit? Did you apply to other UPT opportunities, or just to the board your unit was putting on?
  11. I apologize if this has been asked before, I did a search and couldn’t find anything. Is it possible to go from Active Duty to ANG UPT while I still have time left on my contract? Is something like this treated as a palace chase? I’ve done a little research and couldn’t find anything about it.
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