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  1. Morning Gents, Wasn't sure wether to post this here or “what are my chances” but anyway, I just had an ankle fracture requiring surgery. Doc put some screws and a plate in. I’m 24y/o, about half way through my PPL studying up for the AFOQT, planning on finishing around early summer. Obviously depending on how it heals (surgery was today), does anyone think this would affect my chances of getting a slot/have any advice on the matter? I’m healthy otherwise, just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks guys👍
  2. Can anyone provide any info on what exactly this is? Is there an official link?
  3. What airframe did you end up being picked up on?
  4. Thanks! Do you think pushing the limits on these restrictions would have any weight on a pilot selection board for a guard/reserve unit? Lol
  5. Bumping this because of confusion with new regs. Can you have a back tattoo as long as its covered with a shirt over 25%? What defines "25% of the exposed body part" anyway? Who makes the call? If I were to have tats along my back, shoulder, to a half sleeve, does the half sleeve constitute 50% of the arm?
  6. That's awesome. I already have an appointment for my first class, so that's perfect. What are you flying now if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Currently registered at the local flight school for the upcoming semester and hope to have my IR and 80+ hours by the end of April and in the meantime studying up for the AFOQT/TBAS. Also, would it be worth mentioning in an interview situation that my last four semesters (and my overall major GPA) are stellar compared to my first four with the transcripts to back it up? Is there anything else I can be working on in the meantime?
  8. Hey Everyone, This is my first post and first thread here at the Baseops forums. Hoping to get some insight and look forward to contributing to the community as much as I can, as I've already learned so much from simply browsing the site so far. Anyway here goes. Bit about myself: -Recent university grad (Large state university) - 23 y/o -B.S. Information Systems. minor Business, GPA 2.8 (Not the best, I know.) -Currently employed with a large next day air cargo company as an air ops. supervisor, main task is jet weight and balance (2 years here) but have been working my entire young adult life. -Good health (no known ailments) and great vision. Never needed glasses in my life. -Physically fit -Currently at 0 flight hours, but the company I work for has some great education benefits that kick back in January 1st, 2019 that'll basically pay for my PPL (35-40 hours) First I'll say that I'm yet to get in contact with a recruiter, so I don't have any test scores for you guys yet. I do have some questions that I'd like to get some input on. 1. I've jumped around from school to school to eventually earn my degree. I did a semester with a private university when first starting my current job and exiting a serious relationship, which resulted in me not finishing out the semester. None of these credits are counted toward my current degree and I assume wouldn't be necessary to eventually submit to a hiring board, but I do currently have private loans for this specific semester. Anyways, will this show up on a credit check and eventually be a factor in possibly being selected? I realize I'm on my own for this loan as it's through a private company. Will this affect my G.I. bill for the loans from the state school I attended? 2. My dream is to fly the F-22, or any fighter for that matter. Would it be worth it to spend the money out of pocket to obtain my private this coming fall semester and use my company's education benefits once they kick back in to get my instrument rating so I'll have more hours built up by that time? Is a 2.8 GPA for fighters in the guard/reserve even close to being competitive? 3. Is there anything else I could be doing to increase my chances other then building flight hours and studying for the AFOQT/TBAS? I've read about rushing units and getting to know your potential squad but I'm not too sure how go about contacting bases and determining when they'll have a drill week, so I'll save that for another thread. Any suggestions on types of volunteering that look great to a hiring board? 4. As far of letters of recommendation go, I'm thinking of 2 managers form my employers, 2 from my college professors, and one from a current 2nd lieutenant. Is this a solid group to pull from? Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any feedback from you guys!
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