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  1. I guess? It's not that I care it's just I wonder if other people felt the same way. I'm not ever advertising it, just when people ask what I do I tell them what I've been doing for the last few years and what I will be doing. Just surprised that many don't believe or change the subject quickly.
  2. Guess I didn't make myself clear enough. I am not being pompous, arrogant, or anything you have mentioned above. Hell I've followed the advice "don't be a douche" religiously through rushing, and interviewing. Don't think I would have been picked up otherwise. With that said, I never bring it up unprompted or boast about this. Kind of sad to just get berated and attacked on this forum when asking a simple question.
  3. Hey everyone, I finally got picked up by a fighter squadron in the guard during this whole corona BS! I've been incredibly excited, on cloud 9 for weeks. I couldn't wait to tell everyone the great news. This is where the weird shit has happened though. I know I am not even close to being a fighter pilot yet needing to pass medical tests, and get through UPT, etc. With that said, most of my friends act low key jealous when I tell them what I'm doing and accomplished so far. A lot of people have also scoffed at me, or straight up don't believe me when I say I've been selected to be a fighter pilot. I've also been told that it's stupid what I'm doing to give up my engineering pay to become a pilot. The list goes on and on too. Anyone else experienced this? Makes me want to stop telling people tbh.
  4. Was just told my cornea's are too thin for LASIK so I have to do PRK. Is this going to be a problem for my eye evaluation at WP?
  5. Don't know why its so hard to get an answer on this one. Has anyone heard of the Ohio F-16 board or have any info on it?
  6. I don't drink beers with people who have disgusting profile pictures such as yourself.
  7. Sigh... lmao I hope so we need more entertainment
  8. You can start rushing units but you won't really know where you stand until you take the AFOQT and TBAS. Also, recruiters like to blow smoke up your butt, go to an ROTC detachment close to you and set up to take the AFOQT yourself. Recruiters give a lot of bad info.
  9. Does anyone have info on South Carolina? Do they hire off the street or usually from within?
  10. I'm not even in the guard. I know people are going to say I'm thinking way too ahead but I just wanted to know if it's possible to switch from a 15 or 16 to something else. But It's cool to know that it is possible!
  11. I'm wondering if you "put the nail in the coffin" once you get into a certain air frame in the guard. Wanted to know if it's a possibility to switch air frames down the road because of opportunity, family, and just wanting to fly the F35.
  12. Does anyone know if switching fighter air frames in the guard is looked down upon or undesirable? For example, if you're a trained dude in the F15 but want to move bases to an F16. Is this common or do most people avoid it?
  13. Wanting to talk about the new upcoming fighter boards. What info do we have for the 5 fighter boards currently up on Bogidope? Oregon, Massachusetts, Indiana, Vermont, New Jersey. Which bases are allowing visits/rushing? Anyone know how many people each unit is hiring? Any of these units only hires from within? Any other info to add?
  14. What are your scores? Low scores almost means you're out for fighters, but might have a chance with heavies.
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