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  1. I can tell you this is not true. Everyone has been notified on where they stood about a week ago and nobody is coming back for a second round. We had one slot for UPT this year and all interviewees was extremely competitive and made it a very difficult choice to make. I'm not sure if the final decision has been released, but all interviewees know where they stacked up and have received feedback by this point. If you have not, then let me know your name by PM and I'll follow up with the member of the interview board that was supposed to call you.
  2. I can tell you that no notifications at all have gone out yet since our Ops are split right now from a delay in getting people back from a TDY to Europe. I'm expecting to send out everything tomorrow. @BadGuySplash, PM me your youtube link. I personally watched every video and read every application, so if one fell through the cracks I want to know about it. It could be that youtube just hasn't updated the ticker in realtime, though.
  3. Just a reminder that the 176 FS UPT application deadline is coming up on August 13.
  4. The 176 Fighter Squadron (part of the 115 Fighter Wing) in Madison, WI will be having a hiring board for Undergraduate Pilot Training candidates seeking to fly the F-16 25 October 2018. Packages are due 13 August 2018. Please reference the below website for details. http://www.115fw.ang.af.mil/About/Careers/Pilot-Training/ Please email 176fs.upt@gmail with any questions.
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